Financial Armageddon: appointment with destiny

Financial Armageddon is the anticipated climax and the end game of Keynesian economics and the implosion of the fiat money bubble which has created a bubble in world trade.
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Jan. 24, 2013 - PRLog -- The word “Armageddon” comes from a Hebrew word Har-Magedone, which means “Mount Megiddo” and has become synonymous with the future battle in which God will intervene and destroy the armies of the Antichrist as predicted in biblical prophecy (Scofield Reference Bible Revelation 16:16). Megiddo is located on the north side of the plains of Jezreel, and is often referred to in the Old Testaments. The Jezreel Valley is a large fertile plain south of the lower Galilee region in Israel on the West Bank of the Jordan, in which many major battles have taken place.

Financial Armageddon is the anticipated climax and the end game of Keynesian economics and the implosion of the fiat money bubble which has created a bubble in world trade. Many financial experts such as Marc Faber believe the coming financial crash will lead to world war. Many bible experts such as Mark Hitchcock and Chuck Missler believe the coming financial Armageddon will lead to a coming world leader referred to as the Antichrist.

The Federal Reserve under QE3 will create $85 billion dollars of new money per month, and purchase mortgage backed securities and treasury bonds, until the labor market improves substantially. Bank of America’s economic annalist Priya Misra predicts there will not be substantial improvement in the labor market for the next two years. The Fed balance sheet is projected to reach $3 trillion dollars in Feb, 2013. If the Fed monetizes an additional $2 trillion in MBS and Treasury bonds, the Fed balance sheet will reach $5 trillion by the end of 2014. The Fed is projected to own more than 65% Treasury bonds and 33% of MBS by the end of 2014. The national debt is expected to reach $20 trillion. The ECB, the Bank of Japan, and the People’s Bank of China have joined the Fed with open ended monetization of debt.

Many financial experts such as Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge, predict gold will reach $2,250 and oil $150 a barrel by the end of 2013, based on debasement of the dollar. Eventually governments must either repay debt, default, or debase currency. Since 1913, and the creation of the Federal Reserve, the U.S. has depreciated its currency by 94%.
Thomas Jefferson is purported to have said, “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations what will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless.” The Federal Reserve is basically a private banking cartel which insures an easy money policy to allow financiers to buy other banks and companies with cheap money. The five largest banks in the U.S. control almost 50% of total banking deposits in the U.S. They are the primary financial backers for both Democrat and Republican successful presidential candidates.

The European race has committed suicide. As late as 1960, European people numbered 750 million, one-fourth of the 3 billion people alive. However, in the last 50 years European people have stopped reproducing. The European population is in decline. Researchers tell us that for a culture to maintain itself for twenty-five years, it must have a fertility rate of 2.11 children per family or it will decline. Currently the fertility rate for Europeans in the European Union is 1.38 children per family.

The reason population is growing in Europe and the United States is because of immigration. Since 1990, approximately 90 percent of all immigrants into Europe have been from Islamic nations. In addition the fertility rate among Muslims is 8.1 percent. It is the Muslims who are accounting for the population growth in Europe. Today in France there are more mosques than churches. It is projected that by 2027, one in five Frenchmen will be Muslim. By 2025 it is projected one-third of all European children will be born into Muslim families. There are at least 52 million Muslims in Europe, and that number is expected to double to 104 million within the next twenty years. In the U.S. population is increasing because of immigration from Mexico and Asia.
Historians may one day may call the pill the suicide tablet of the West. It was first licensed in 1960. By1963, 6 percent of American married women were using Dr. Rock’s invention. By 1970 43% were “on the pill”. In 1966 6,000 abortions were being done every year. By 1970, that figure had increased to 200,000. After Roe v. Wade, there are now approximately 1.2 million abortions per year in the United States. A decline in working force, caused by abortions, will cause retirement entitlements to bankrupt the welfare states of Europe and the United States.

Many historians such as Will Durant believed the Roman Empire fell because of debasement of its currency and a decline in population because of abortions and infanticide. Bishop Dionysius, in 250 A.D. lamented the population during his time had been halved. He mourned the human race was diminishing and only the barbarians and the Orientals were increasing outside the Empire and within. Just like ancient Rome, modern Europe is in decline due to currency debasement and population decline.

The Prophet Daniel predicted when the Messiah would come, and that in the last days there would be a revival of the Roman empire led by a world ruler described in the Bible as the Antichrist. However, the ancient Roman empire did not include Northern Europe, it was a Mediterranean empire, consisting of Southern Europe and North Africa.

Daniel 9:26 states the people or followers of the Antichrist in the last days are the people who destroy Jerusalem in 70 A.D. The people who destroyed Jerusalem were Romans, but they were not primarily Europeans. Nigel Pollard, Ph.D., professor of Roman History at Oxford University, declares in his book, “Soldiers, Cities, and Civilians in Roman Syria”, “… the soldiers that destroyed the temple were primarily Syrians, Arabs and Eastern peoples. Historian Antonio Santosuosso confirms during that during the first half of the 1st century, approximately 49% of the Roman legion soldiers were Italians. But by 70 A.D. that number had fallen to only 22%.

The ethnicity of the nations who follow the coming world leader will be Eurarabian Mediterranean Europeans and North Africans. Many believe within the next twenty-five years, a financial Armageddon will cause world wars and a coming world ruler.

For more information on the culture war and the decline of the West go to and type in:

Stephen Johnston, “Tea Party Culture War” or “When is Judgment Day?”


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