Can You Lose Weight Too Fast? "Combo Pilling" Causes Controversy.

People hate being overweight, but many hate dieting and excercising even more. Millions turn to diet pills for the answer. A growing trend for losing weight fast is to combine two or more diet pills - a potentially deadly practice.
Celebrities Lose Weight Fast with Combo Pilling
Celebrities Lose Weight Fast with Combo Pilling
Jan. 24, 2013 - PRLog -- Losing weight is no mystery. It can be summed up with four words: Eat Less. Move More.

That sounds good, but it's not so easy to do. Our modern society has been conditioned to seek answers to health problems in pill form. Hence the huge popularity of diet pills.

Combo Pilling, the practice of combining two or more diet pills to lose weight fast is a growing trend.

Thousands of women and men are taking different kinds of diet pills at the same time to lose weight faster.

But is combo pilling dangerous? Even deadly? If you're thinking about "fen-phen" the answer is yes. More on that below.

However, the new version of Combo Pilling avoids using dangerous prescription drugs like "fen-phen."

Instead, the new Combo Pilling uses different types of natural products to create weight loss diet programs without exercise or dieting.

People are combining the following diet pill categories:
- Colon Cleanses
- Thermogenic Activators
- Metabolism Boosters
- Appetitie Suppressants
- Stress Relievers
- Fat Binders
- Carb Blockers
- Thyroid Support Pills
- Vitamins & Minerals

Many people are doing their own research and creating their own "safety first" Combo Pilling fast weight loss programs by visiting the website

The site has detailed information about the different categories of natural weight loss pills as well as product reviews and recommendations.

Also included on the site is an educational video about Combo Pilling along with a chart detailing the different categories of natural diet pills used in Combo Pilling.

That video and chart can be found here: makes very clear the warning that anyone attempting to lose weight with Combo Pilling should check with their doctors first to be sure any medication they are taking will not conflict with the diet pills.

Also, people are cautioned that dosages of prescription medications they may be taking can change as they lose weight quickly - another reason to be closely monitored by a physician.

So is Combo Pilling Dangerous? Even Deadly?

It was at one time...

Combo Pilling gained infamy in the 1990's with the "fen-phen" tragedy. Dr. Israel Levavi, a Los Angeles internist was giving people prescriptions for the diet drugs fenfluramine and phentermine. Unfortunately, the combination caused heart damage and a fatal lung condition called primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH).

Years later, it is clear that "fen-phen" is a dangerous practice no one should undertake. However, a recent trend many people are doing is to use natural, herbal and over-the-counter diet pills in their own "Combo Pilling" combinations.  

If you are interested in learning more about Combo Pilling and using the different categories of natural diet pills in safe combinations to lose weight fast, go to


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