Odd Form Component presentation for automated assembly

GPAX, Inc. provides a total process solution for the packaging and feeding of Odd Form Components and other unique parts for automated assembly.
Jan. 21, 2013 - PRLog -- COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Odd Form Component

Presenting Odd Form Components for automated assembly

As technology continues to produce smaller personal electronics, there is still a large segment of manufacturers that must use large, bulky or uniquely-designed parts (commonly known as “Odd Form Components”) in their assembly production.  Common questions regarding this segment of the industry include: “How do I protect these parts during shipment?” and “What is a proven and efficient way to present these parts for automated assembly?”  There are a number of very good pick and place machine manufacturers in the marketplace and even more robotic integrators that face this challenge.  Even they can struggle to offer a trusted and proven feeding solution for these various sized and weighted parts.  Many times these parts are left to be inserted by hand on a slide line, which can reduce efficiency, restrict throughput of the company’s product, and negatively affect the client’s bottom line.  

GPAX, Inc. offers total process solutions for the packaging, shipping/handling and presentation of Odd Form Components and other unique parts for automated assembly.  Due to the custom design of carrier and cover tape, GPAX is able to incorporate features to protect parts once loaded, eliminate polarity, and eliminate part loading mistakes that lead to failed testing and additional costs in repair.

GPAX custom designs and manufactures pocketed and through hole flat tape for SMT and THT parts.  GPAX tape is an approved EIA standard and is available as EIA IS/704.  Offering a process solution to load parts in tape from the component manufacturer’s production line and protecting these parts until presented for assembly is our “Value Added Service.” Robust packaging eliminates the peel force test, variability in tape adhesion force and tearing or stretching of the cover tape.

John Holcomb, Product Manager of GPAX, stated, “The old saying of ‘time is money’ was never more pertinent as it is today in the global economy.  With GPAX custom tape and reel, the ability to splice tape on reel increases throughput.  Our clients appreciate the ability to load a large supply of parts on a GPAX feeder and not worry about supervision and labor to keep these parts loaded.  Their employees can take on additional tasks because they are not continually loading and reloading other feeding options such as bowl, tray or tube feeders.  By eliminating additional staff and down time, our clients see greater throughput and efficiency.”

Factory floor tested since 1988, GPAX tape and reel technology will enhance productivity by eliminating down time during supply change restock due to on feeder splicing capability of the GPAX tapes.

GPAX, Inc. is a manufacturer of component packaging and feeding products in tape and reel format for use in automated assembly. With its headquarters located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA, GPAX markets its products worldwide to users and component manufacturers through a direct sales force, a network of assembly systems integrators and representatives.


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