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Up this morning thinking about the gun control rhetoric being thrown around. The president said a lot about it yesterday, even acted on some of it. And here it comes. Talking, talking, and more talking.
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Kenneth Stepp

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Jan. 17, 2013 - PRLog -- By Kenneth Stepp

Up this morning thinking about the gun control rhetoric being thrown around. The president said a lot about it yesterday, even acted on some of it. And here it comes. Talking, talking, and more talking.

Congress has a 17% approval rating. Yet most if not all of them are safe come re-election. Why? Because we have Facebook & Twitter. That is the new form of civil unrest. Tough talking Facebook Friends, posting patriotic pictures and sayings, quotes and proclaiming how their particular party would do things better.

That is the problem. All the complaining, tough talk, and quoting founding fathers is great. But on election day most, if not all of these people will vote the way they are told to vote. Or should I say “sold to vote”?

Here’s how it works. Depending on your particular political leaning, the media will sell you on the idea that you MUST choose a label. This happens folks. If you don’t believe me ask yourself “what am I”? You are a Liberal, Conservative  Republican, Democrat, Black, White, Latino, Rich, Poor, Pro Life, Pro Choice, etc. Odds are one or more of these define you, in your opinion. In reality, they divide far more than define. They take ALL of your civic power from you. That is by design. And it works.

The truth is the people in charge of all of us do not care about any of these things. Every one of these are what I call media gates. What is a media gate? Simply put. A media gate is what is used to point the citizens to a particular media group to get what they believe is truth. For example. If you are a Conservative  Republican, you watch Fox News, Sean Hannity, and listen to Rush. Right?

If you are a Liberal, Democrat, you watch MSNBC, and listen to any Liberal you can find on the radio. Right?

I envision cattle being prodded through fence gates in my mind when I think of this. Sadly, it’s a pretty good analogy.

This became apparent to me during the 2012 presidential election. Two people with opposite labels could try to talk with each other about the reasons they are voting the way they are. When they walked away frustrated, they were both thinking the exact same things.

1.Facts/truth/evidence does not matter to their them

2.Why don’t they care about X Y or even Z?

3.They have no compassion

4.Haven’t they watched the news?

5.They do not care about America

These are things they both feel. Why? Because they believe they know the truth and the other party’s media is lying to them. They both believe they “own” the truth. They believe the have a superior grasp on “what really happened”.

Both party’s scare their base to death so they won’t leave them when they have to flip flop right before the election to go after that 4% of people that actually decide presidential elections. Some of whom are the free thinkers that do not buy into the seperatism the media demands we engage in.

If we accept labels of any kind, we lose. America has been in what seems like endless wars with no clear goals. The costs are high. Our best and brightest are being killed or damaged for life in these wars, we have a Federal reserve owned by private bankers, creating money out of thin air and adding it to our debt with interest, and our Constitution is being systematically destroyed by both parties. When it is no longer the rule of law, we may become slaves of the very leaders we need to replace.

And even with all the tough talk, when election day comes around you will pull a party lever (so to speak). The same people with a 17% approval rating will continue being our overlords. Simply because of your label of choice. Stop the cycle. We are all Americans. Let’s start there and fix our government. Our children and grand children deserve it.
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