Employee hostage situation-A message left for bosses

As the economy has contracted over the past few years, pressures on business entrepreneurs and managers have trickled down to staff members, often with little chance of finding an alternative job, leaving them feeling like hostages in their jobs.
Michael J. Tolan, CEO, Firepowerleadership.com
Michael J. Tolan, CEO, Firepowerleadership.com
Jan. 16, 2013 - PRLog -- The cosmic swirl of karma says “treat customers right and you will have a reward of loyalty, prosperity and even something that money cannot buy, a good reputation”.

Every business owner, manager basically gets this. Until, you talk to their ‘other’ customers.  Who are they?
They are in fact; The team members. The very people who their boss often forgets are, well, customers too. How is it so many bosses get on such a power trip and totally blow this simple elementary fact?
Some bosses admit they are so occupied racing to the finish line, that, sorry, some fallout is expected. Collateral damage. People come, people go, you have to step on a few toes to get the herd to move, etc.

  If you are a boss imagine that ‘you’ also have a boss, who is driven, aiming higher at what they consider to be very important. Your boss tells ‘you’ that the customer comes first. You get it, you have heard it before, it must be true, after all, you shop, you bank, you drive, and you are also a consumer. They then begin to step all over your feelings in order to reach their goal. They make you constantly nervous, even insignificant, are sometimes downright rude. You are powerless to retaliate as jobs are scarce. You feel like a hostage looking for a quick escape, hoping for a rescue.

You realize your boss may not  even be  a human, has zero emotional intelligence, EQ.   They demonstrate they are brilliant at coming up with great business ideas, IQ, but you begin to understand you are working for an emotionally challenged bully, an unhappy child, trapped inside the body of a boss with real power over you and your future.
So why are you working for this power trip person who pushes the crazy button daily in the office. Oh yes, you needed a job to get …money, so you could pay your rent, support you own personal needs and those of your family, to plan and save for your future. Your future demands that your basic needs of food, shelter, security, esteem, love can be consistently met and exceeded.

Who in their right mind would intentionally continue to swim in a polluted ugly toxic pond unless they were thrown in and have their foot caught on a rope?

If employees, were customers, and not staff, it would be a simple business school question: what are the needs of the customer, satisfy their needs; business success101.Y-amen.

Employees spend most of their life, their waking life at least, at work.

This means that within the 24 hours in a day, 9 to 12 hours are spent either preparing for work, traveling to work, being engaged at work, traveling back and decompressing from work.

Assume that someone works 5 days a week to have two of those days just for them, and you can see the equation adds up to they should be made to feel at home in the workplace.

No one is suggesting employers provide their staff with slippers, cookies and a blanket on arrival; however there are some strategies that owners might look into to keep these other customers happy.

Many bosses believe that their ‘other customers needs’, the employees, are simply due their agreed pay and benefits for a job well done, end of story.

Now that’s really warm and fuzzy.

 To other employers its “ Look, I hired you to do a job, and I pay the bills, not only your salary, but all the other expenses around here, and plus plus plus so, stop complaining or I will get someone else.” Really?

The truth is actually that employees will never stay long in any company when given a choice, if they do not feel empathy, appreciation, respect, trust, that they are worthy of attention, valued enough to be part of shared vision of a brighter future. One foot in, the other out looking for better job or a nicer boss.

This elementary introduction to EQ is what out grandparents called commonsense, treating people as humans, and what we call today Emotional Intelligence.

Bosses who acknowledge that 'Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs' also apply to employees, because, after all, they are human, will reap the loyalty fruit from the nurturing tree more often when applying their IQ and EQ in tandem.

Companies that understand and embrace with purposeful action the fact that their business requires people to perform specific tasks in order for them to deliver their product or service, will win hands down over their competitors.

The idea of nurturing and caring for team members is not a new concept.  Neither is emotional intelligence or treating people with respect.
Creating a savvy employee engagement program could be just the inoculation companies would do well to implement within their organization to immunize their members against feeling less than appreciated and bolster their output and input.

Slightly playful environments are easier to look forward to turning up to rather than strict and authoritative stuffy ones, duh.

Not all employees work for a paycheck. Many trade their energy and time in exchange for a both a paycheck and a future, so share a realistic and engaging vision and get them and keep them on board by being a reliable caretaker of their future they entrusted their boss with.
Another idea that grabs attention is fostered growth, adding training and development to empower people to realize that because they are valued they are also worthy of investment and attention to increase their own qualifications and skills.

Feedback. Once the forbidden zone, social media is unable to keep this genie in the bottle, so, a well thought out portal or channel to get feedback and then respond with appreciation to re-enforce its sustainability.

Amenities for employees. Google put a playroom in the office,but you need not take advice from one of the most successful and well-capitalized start -ups in the world.
Allow your HR if you have HR, to instill holistic development programs for management and senior executives, for Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and other people skills. If you are a small company and do not have HR, then wear the 'H' hat yourself, reminding you and everyone that these are all 'Humans' who deserve respect.
To keep your team a team, strengthen and build allegiance and alliance with them for reliance.
What if  employees felt and acted like partners, striving to the goal line not because it was their job, but because it really mattered to them also. Concept.
Loyalty, retention, and reputation for being sought out as the 'go to' employer to work for, these are the benefits of treating people with humanity.

Demonstrate with action, that people matter, that you care, and remember that employees are also your customers, not your captive hostages.

Earn a reputation with your team that they matter and demonstrate your caretaker role to provide them with a prosperous future.

Doing this will help you keep everyone happy and your IQ 4 EQ will make you more prosperous also, all the way to the bank.

World Class Academy of Excellence, headed by entrepreneur Michael J. Tolan, provide management and leadership development programs for organizations and institutions.
The signature workshops include 'Mission I'm Possible' for empowerment programs, 'Kung Fu Leadership and Communications', Kung Fu Selling Mastery, Star Talk presentation skills. World Class launched Inpower for HR to add value to HR professionals, and project Jump Start, a revitalization option for organizations looking for a an attitudinal makeover. World Class cooperates with a network of 30 learning and development experts, and partners with Open Thinking Learning Center in Dubai.
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