Want to know how Rory Mcilroy hits the golf ball so darn far? Look to his amazing hip speed!

Thanks to recent advancements in sports motion capture technology we now know how guys like Rory Mcilroy can smash a golf ball so darn far! Hip Speed is the key to longer drives and better golf.
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Jan. 10, 2013 - PRLog -- So the worlds number one golfer is 5'9" and 161 lbs?  But golfers are getting bigger, stronger, faster etc... so how the heck can a little guy like Rory be the  number one in the world and hit the ball as far as the big guys?

The answer is actually very clear and easy to understand when looking at Rory's Kinematic Sequence and body segment speeds.

Utilizing world class technology from Titleist Performance Institute we can clearly see that Rory has the fastest hip speed on the PGA Tour.  His hips rotate at around 720 degrees per second!  That is off the charts and how he build so much power and ultimately swing and ball speed.

The average amateur golfer is around 350 degrees per second or twice as slow as Rory Mcilroy.

Titleist Performance Institute in Conjunction with Advanced Motion Measurement Systems have developed a world class technology that can actually measure individual body segment speeds and biomechanical positions while making a golf swing.

The science has helped the golf world (and other sports) understand how and why some people can produce so much speed and power.  Its called the Kinematic Sequence and Rory has a great sequence!

Load is developed from the ground up in the golf swing just as if a boxer was punching someone.  The load is created off the back foot and transferred through the hips, torso, shoulder and wrists (in that order).

Since the hips are the first rotational speed multiplier... the faster someone can rotate their hips... the more energy and load they can transfer through the entire body.

Watch this video from ESPN Sports Science and the Hip Speed of Rory Mcilroy.


Advanced Golf Performance recently created a great training aid to help golfers gain motor control, strength, balance, stability and speed of the hips.  The training aid is called the Hip Speed Trainer and is a must for any serious golfer looking for more distance, club head speed or lower scores.

You can learn more about the Hip Speed Trainer at http://www.hipspeedtrainer.com.

The Hip Speed Trainer comes with an instructional DVD with over 20 exercises and was developed by Tom Lowrie who is a Titleist Performance Certified in Biomechanics, Swing Instruction, Fitness and Junior coaching as well as a certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine.
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