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Stock trading or Investing success depends on picking shares that grow. In addition we reference shares best suited for constant income, allowing the investor/trader to make money on any market move.
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Jan. 6, 2013 - PRLog -- Dear Appropriate Investor,

in our stock market outlook 2013, three dimensions are considered:

- Market fundamentals.
- Seasonality aspects.
- Technical aspects.

1 Market Fundamentals

In this section, you will read our interpretation for the development of key market sectors based on fundamental assumptions about expected changes in supply and demand during the year 2013.

1.1 Technology
The market for Smart-Phone- and iPad/Android-devices gave technology a big move in 2012. However, for 2013, companies like Apple will face market saturation, which already lead to the correction of the AAPL share price in the last three months of 2012.

Browser based technology was highly appraised in 2012: GOOG, YHOO. Referring companies are now in need for validation of the achieved appraisals of 2012 in 2013.

The PC and laptop market is already saturated and after a steep drop, companies like Dell and HPQ most likely remain in a sideways mode.

A continues demand is seen in network and server technology: Data files grow bigger, more cloud storage, high demand for faster mobile networks with unlimited data access. Companies serving these fields have an edge:
Data Storage: IBM, SGI, MSFT.
Data Network Providers: QCOM, ORCL, EMC, FFIV.

1.2 Consumer
The consumer sector is at a critical crossroad: Consumer confidence can make the change for another round of growth or a steep drop in the first half of 2013. By the beginning of January 2013, the market momentum shows a negative tendency, which could lead to a down- or sideways trend.

Biggest growth potentials are seen in lifestyle products: SBUX, GMCR, MO, and MCD.
Retail technologists like AMZN and EBAY are already highly appraised and might have a hard time catching up with revenue and profit estimations.

1.3 Financials
Innovative credit card companies: MA, V, produced high sector growth, facing the need to validate and expand, which will go hand in hand with the consumer confidence and spending in 2013.
With the overall positive development of the financial markets, investment companies like: GS, MS, JPM moved ahead and showed an over-proportionate growth, which needs to be validated by the first quarter 2013 results.
Banks: After waves of restructuring, banks are back to profit. Segment growth will depend on consumer spending in 2013 in particular for new cars and houses.

1.4 Industry
With no technological change on the horizon, the Industry sector is dull with no clear perspective US Industry leaders like GE, CAT, BA, UTX, MMM.

1.5 Energy
By the introduction of hydro- and petro fracking, the supply side of oil got increased, which might lead to a slide correction of a so far continued increasing oil price.

The strongest Sector into 2013 is seen in the internet backbone: Server and storage technology, which puts IBM in the forefront of growth technology.
Mobile and high-speed internet access remain in focus; providing companies like QCOM, ORCL, EMC, and FFIV are considered as growth opportunities.
Consumer confidence and spending will be a key factor to decide for the stock market progress in 2013, reaching form the referring reports to employment figures. Traders, mark your calendar for the related new announcements.

2 Seasonal Development

Using the NeverLossTrading seasonality study, we see the following 1-Month and 6-Month perspective:
Sector Short Term (1-Month = 1Mo.); Mid Term (6-Months = 6Mo.)

Technology: Negative momentum (1Mo.) for browser applications like GOOG) Uptrend (1Mo.) for Storage Technology like IBM). Sideways for Computers (1 Mo.). Software: Overall-Uptrend (1Mo. and 6Mo.)
Consumer: Negative momentum (1Mo); Sideways (6Mo).
Financials: Downtrend (1Mo.); Sideways (6Mo.).
Industry: Sideways (1Mo), Sideways (6Mo.).
Energy: Sideways (1Mo.); Sideways (6Mo.).

3 NeverLossTrading Perspective

In the following, you will experience that you are not in need for making the right stock pick to make money trading/investing trading for constant income instead of growth.

In NeverLossTrading mentor-ships, you learn to trade for constant income, not growth.

Advantages in favor of trading for constant income instead of growth:
1. You do not need to pick winners and you still make money.
2. By trading in all price-directions, you make income multiple times.
3. You trade shorter-term moves, making gains more frequent.
4. Compounding interest lets you advance over trading for growth.

With NeverLossTrading, you will learn to trade highly liquid assets, right along with institutional money moves, accepting limited risks, producing high upsides.

Do we have favorite stocks to trade in 2013?

Yes, here are a couple of the Symbols we trade, with their Share Price 12/31/2012, Average Daily Volume, and Sector:
• AAPL: $532, (20 mill. shares exchanged per day), Technology (Business Machines).
• AMZN: $250, (3.5 mill. shares exchanged per day), Consumer (Misc. Retail).
• GOOG: $707, (2.5 mill. shares exchanged per day), Technology (Business Services).
• NFLX: $92.50, (5.0 mill. shares exchanged per day), Consumer (Motion Picture).

Questions and Answers:

Q: Those are all high value shares; don’t you need a lot of money to trade them?
A: Actually not, you learn how to trade the options of those stocks and you can get in a trade, paying a fraction of the investment costs, laying out only 1% to 5% of the share-price. However, we also provide you with many shares per sector, tradable on their own, considering about 400 stocks off the universe of 40,000 shares traded on US-stock exchanges.

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Q: Did the listed stocks not already make their move, would you not want to trade for diversification?

A: The chosen stocks provide strong directional moves, which allows for high returns on a limited risk.
A: Each of those stocks has a great independency from the overall market move and from each other. You will learn to take this as an advantage for making money on up-, down or sideways moves. Hence, no diversification is needed when trading for income instead of growth.

With NeverLossTrading, you will learn to make money without facing the need of knowing which share will be growing.
If this sounds like something, you want to experience and use:

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Find a method, which puts the market action right in front of your eyes for you to trade along with:

“Trade What You See! We put it right on the chart for you.”

Imagine if you had a trading/investing method on hand, giving you the ability to constantly produce a 5%-return per month or even per week, with the following features:
- Letting you make money if the markets go up, down or sideways, in any type of account.
- Giving you constant returns to re-invest and compound interest.
- Limiting your investment risk by allowing for constant adjustments if a trade goes wrong.
- Trading common stocks, without the need to seek for the new stars.

Search no more!

You found your new trading system: NeverLossTrading. Instead of growth, you will learn to focus your investment s for constant income.

85% of the world’s financial markets are dominated by institutional investments. With NeverLossTrading, you will learn how to follow the footprint of the big money by:
- Putting their actions: Investments, Des-investments, Sector Rotation, right on the chart for you.
- Getting to know asset classes and individual stocks held and traded constantly by institutions.
- Receiving your market updates and trade right along with the big money, using:
o Swing Trading Strategies: Off daily and weekly charts.
o Day Trading Strategies: Trading at key reference time-frames, where you might only need to look 5 times a day on the chart, instead of 50 times per minute.
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