Pancreatitis Patient Discovers A Diet & Stress Reducing Technique That Changes Lives

People who suffer seemingly unexpected bouts of pancreatitis, can rest a little easier in the new year due to the research a long-term pancreatitis patient recently published online.
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Pancreatitis Prevention What Really Works
Pancreatitis Prevention What Really Works
Dec. 31, 2012 - PRLog -- This personal  research can change the life of thousands, perhaps millions of people around the world who have not found a cure through modern medicine.

Voitek who goes by the nickname LexV,  is the creator of  He created and dedicated the website to help other pancreatitis patients deal with and hopefully recover from future flare-ups of pancreatitis.

His research goes back to 2004 in which he suffered his first extremely painful episode of acute pancreatitis. During his 9 years of dealing with this illness, he revealed that it took gastroenterologists five years alone just to diagnose that he was born with a pancreas divisum. For five years doctors had no idea why LexV got pancreatitis. This put him into a category of idiopathic pancreatitis patients, who had unknown medical causes for the illness. It's a category that provides more questions than answers to those who relied on modern medicine to diagnose and cure their health problem.

This patients research led him on a trial and error path that included many different types of diets, as well as many types of alternative medicines and healing practices to try. He stated on his website that when you are burdened with a health problem that causes such extreme pain, you immediately open up to new ideas, or any ideas that have worked for others in their treatment of an illness. These alternative approaches led him to try chiropractic care, Reiki, various supplements, pancreatic enzymes, and of course a variety of pancreatitis diets; including two months of being a vegetarian.

After six years and various ERCP's, MRCP's, and many other imaging studies, modern medicine proved to be a dead end to curing LexV of his reoccurring pancreatitis flare-ups. LexV states that there was no shortage of doctors suggesting various operations and procedures, but there was a shortage of evidence that proved that these procedures have cured other patients. There was also a time where he saw three specialists in the same month, who have recommended three different types of surgeries. The lack of consistency in opinion among specialists, and evidence in a procedure curing acute pancreatitis patients led LexV to document his flare-ups in hopes that he would find diet triggers.

Within a half a year, the documented flare-ups showed that there was another trigger that was not mentioned even once by any of the 10+ doctors and specialists that LexV consulted with. That trigger was stress. In all of his recent flare-ups, he noticed that there was a highly stressful event within a three day window of the flare-up. Being human you cannot avoid stress, but maybe you can limit your reaction to stressful situations, was his first theory.

This theory proved to show positive evidence that LexV was onto something that modern medicine failed to point out. Stress seemed to be a persistent factor in the majority of each pancreatitis flare-up. LexV was able to trace past hospital visits to stressful events that took place from a day or two before being admitted into the hospital for acute pancreatitis.

With this new and exciting news and a slowdown of pancreatitis reoccurring in his own life, LexV decided to create the website to publish his findings on the internet in hopes that other pancreatitis patients would find it. His goal was to start a conversation through commenting on his articles that would lead to pancreatitis patients learning from his research and other patients.

While his website started the conversation amongst patients, LexV continued investigating how to reduce the amount of pancreatitis episodes in his own life. Soon he concluded that the most prominent trigger was stress, it wasn't food, or anything else. He also concluded that eating the wrong foods, and including other triggers such as stress or alcohol, usually manifested in a pancreatitis episode.

There are three main triggers according to LexV, and if two out of three are combined within a three day window, usually a patient will trigger a bout of pancreatitis. However his personal evidence shows that stress can be a big enough trigger on its own to cause a flare-up without the aid of any of the two other triggers within the same three day window.  He points out that many patients including himself failed to keep pancreatitis from reoccurring by changing their diet alone. His stress reduction technique which you can read about in detail on his site, is the biggest help in preventing him from getting pancreatitis. is a website created by patients for patients, that features useable plans to reduce or prevent pancreatitis from reoccurring! Dozens of people have also concluded on the site, that stress seems to be a major factor for them as well. LexV instructs everyone who is dealing with pancreatitis to read all of his articles and comments on his website that he has written. He has practically eliminated pancreatitis from his life by following the plans he published online for everyone to read. "While there's clear evidence on the site that stress is the biggest factor for many pancreatitis patients, I'm looking to gather evidence that my stress reduction technique works in preventing pancreatitis for other people and not just me."

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with pancreatitis, you should go to and click on the LexV profile link at the top of the page, to start your journey to recovery, venting your frustrations, and learning what is working for others to reduce their outbreaks. LexV documented a stress relieving technique that seems to be working extremely well for him. Nothing else he tried came close to the results he has received so far. "If I can change the lives of even a third of the people who are affected by this painful disease, all of the work I put into writing and developing the website will be well worth it!"

No other website created either by a patient or a doctor features so much useful information, pancreatitis diets, and useable plans to reduce or eliminate pancreatitis flare-ups.  LexV created the site because it was hard for him to do his own research on the topic, when he was suffering from an illness that his doctors couldn't help him avoid.

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Pancreatitis Diet

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