VP Marketing On Demand Announces The Demand Creation Planning Template to Drive Revenue

Build a cohesive, integrated and sustained demand creation plan that will generate the appropriate pipeline for Sales to meet or exceed revenue targets.
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Demand Creation Planning - Strategy
Demand Creation Planning - Strategy
Jan. 3, 2013 - PRLog -- VP Marketing On Demand, the premiere marketing resource to create or update integrated and effective go-to-market plans, announced it’s latest marketing resource for marketer’s to build integrated lead generation pans that generate qualified opportunities.  The Demand Creation Planning Template has been built in PowerPoint and spans strategy formulation that is synchronized with Sales to tactical execution and comprehensive follow-up to maximize the return on investment.  Download the Demand Creation Planning Template now.

Driving revenue is best done with a comprehensive and sustained customer acquisition and retention blueprint as opposed to a “one and done” lead generation plan that is comprised of ad hoc activities.  A strategic marketing template will provide a process for the development of a marketing plan that will align with corporate objectives and dovetail with financial goals.  Specifically, geographical, product and distribution requirements need to drive the demand creation plan.  This is accomplished by reverse engineering revenue targets for each into qualified opportunities and then to qualified leads and responses.  In addition, the demand creation plan should be created within the framework of a market sizing to ensure that the plan is grounded in reality.

When organizations fall behind the revenue curve they tend to race to accelerate the development and execution of go-to-market plans, especially demand creation efforts.  In this type of environment, it is difficult to develop a cohesive demand creation strategy to guide tactical execution and the corresponding campaign results may be lackluster and expensive.  Formulating the appropriate marketing strategy is an absolute necessity to efficiently and effectively produce the results an organization requires and demands.  It’s imperative to ask the right questions when building go-to-market plans so that the approach is ready, aim, fire and not fire, ready, aim.

Elements of the demand creation plan should address whether the focus is to chase suspects, prospects and customers, catch them in the act, encourage them to come to engage through compelling content and community, or to pursue them through a co-create approach with partners, influencers and thought leaders.  

A solid marketing plan template will include documented assumptions, defined roles and responsibilities, key messages, compelling offers, an itemized budget and a detailed follow-up plan, along with a defined timeline.  Elements in the demand creation PowerPoint template should include a detailed target account profile, buyer personas and a buyer behavior model.  Before launching into the development of a demand creation plan, it is a best practice to conduct a marketing assessment to understand current capabilities, what is needed to succeed, the gap between the two and what resources and actions it will take to close the gap.  The best laid plan will falter unless the appropriate infrastructure (people, process and systems) is in place to facilitate flawless execution.

Peter Buscemi stated that “the Demand Creation Planning Template includes all of the knowledge and best practices that he has accumulated over the past thirty years while running all or part of marketing at F1000 companies and start-ups.”  Buscemi continued by saying that “There are so many moving parts to assemble an integrated lead generation plan that it is extremely difficult to try and anticipate and think through all of the issues that the go-to-market planning template covers in detail.  Many organizations are behind the revenue curve and too anxious to get something going immediately and that is a breeding ground for mistakes to be made in the design, development and execution of the strategic marketing plan.”  Working from a proven marketing PowerPoint template will accommodate an organizations need for speed, within the constraints of leveraging best practices, to deliver the required results in a timely and cost effective manner.

About VP Marketing On Demand
VP Marketing on Demand was founded by Peter Buscemi, a CMO with 30 years experience that spans start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.  The sole purpose of VP Marketing On Demand is to provide marketing insights and a huge head start to those tacking key marketing projects, through managed, repeatable processes.  Over decades, in working with various boards and executive management teams (CEO's, COO's, VP's Sales and Development) patterns developed in terms of what the key marketing challenges were, how to address them and how to communicate about them.  As a direct result of those experiences, all of that knowledge has been packaged into marketing templates that provide a solid foundation for a projects success, while saving time and money. Read Peter’s blog>>


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