Green Coffee Bean Max Bumper Sale Offer & Dr. Oz's weight-loss 'miracle'Brilliant or bogus?

Dr OZ says green coffee bean extract is new miracle diet pill - The Real Truth Exposed!
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Dec. 30, 2012 - PRLog -- Dr. Mehmet Oz is the public's attention when a weight loss supplement with green coffee extract "miracle" called his syndicated television show.

After the May air, selling a product - suddenly - it is made from the extract of roasted coffee beans, raw.

The dream of losing weight, popping pills is not going anywhere. The green coffee extract Oz program and another compound found in raspberries called ketones mentioned last products for people trying to lose weight.

Oz green coffee bean extract as "one of the most important discoveries we've made will help you burn fat faster there."

Do they really work?

That is the statement: an extract of green coffee beans containing a compound called chlorogenic acid, which inhibits the release of glucose in the body and increases the metabolism in the liver.

The chlorogenic acid is removed in the process of roasted coffee beans.

Found aromatic ketone raspberry, raspberries and other fruits.

In one experiment, researchers fed a high-fat diet and rodents raspberry ketone for 10 weeks. The investigators indicated that the ketone reducing the amount of fat in the abdominal cavity and liver of rodents. It also increased the breakdown of fats in some cells.

Previous studies on green tea extract was published in the January issue of diabetes and metabolic syndrome Obesity Journal.

The researchers followed 16 obese adults who took green coffee extract chlorogenic acid for 12 weeks. The subjects lost an average of almost 18 kilos without any change in diet important.

Oz was criticized for his "miracle" comment, followed with its own set of research have shown that after two weeks, 50 women lost the use of supplements for about 2 kilos, twice the weight of the other half of the placebo group lost . All women were asked to keep a food diary, but no other food or changes in lifestyle.

Not enough research on any product to find out for sure if these supplements are effective, said Paula Hanes, a nutritionist with Providence Regional Medical Center Everett.

"There is no scientific evidence to work hard," he said.

The results should be repeated many times to people in general, before it is evident that the extract works, Haynes said.

The study, which received Oz and all other amounts of coffee bean extract green followed only 16 people.

Researchers tested the effects of raspberry ketone in animals only.

He noted, ketones, used in both experiments, and products are sold as synthetic supplements - not a natural salesperson, as some - as many pounds of raspberries will produce a single pill.

That is, Haynes said if you are allergic to coffee, an extract of green coffee beans is likely to be relatively safe for healthy adults. Raspberry ketone long term effects are not known, because it has not been studied in humans.

Oz said that many of the green coffee beans, which are available on the Internet adds a fake or ineffective. He does not advertise the brand.

If you want to try this fashion, offered to buy add-ons, at least 45 percent of chlorogenic acid, which also appears in the bottle, as GCA or Svetol.

Its recommended dose is 400 mg three times daily, 30 minutes before each meal.

He suggested that, to avoid becoming pregnant and lactating women, and people under 18 years of the contract, as it has not been fully tested.

Removing the bottle of 60 capsules of green coffee was up $ 39.95 sale on the Internet. The same amount of bottles of raspberry ketone is $ 29.95.

Haynes, dietitian who recommended during 13 years, over expensive supplements, and instead focused on has been found to work. Move more and eat less

Patients who have lost weight saw successful in the long run are smaller portions of food, made the best choice of food and applied.

"Weight loss is simple," he said. "But it's not easy."

If you do not know where to start, offered support for programs such as Weight Watchers, does not require you to buy special products.

He also suggested that this final advice: "If it sounds too good to be real sounds, it probably is."
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