National Football Hero Joe Theismann Speaks About Prostate Challenges

Now Promoting natural healthy prostate supplements, approach men health with common sense and natural solutions. Julie Renee Doering Addresses the Problem Joe Theismann and so many men of maturing age face.
Dec. 28, 2012 - PRLog -- I was surprised to see my friend, football hero and Heisman trophy winner, Joe Theismann, on national TV promoting a solution for enlarged prostate and frequent urination issues interrupting his golf game.  I am, however, glad that he as decided to take a transparent stand to encourage other healthy men to deal with the issue in a healthy, natural way.

Kudos, Joe, for using your fame for good, in what normally would be considered a taboo subject, at least for television.  Joe is promoting what looks like a somewhat natural herbal formula, purchased without a prescription to help prostate health.

With so many men of the baby boomer’s age reaching a time where this may be an issue, let’s explore a few natural cures found in miraculous healings and meditations.

One of the problems with the prostate is that sitting and lack of use or energetic clearing can back up energy and cause problems, especially enlargement of the prostate.

In the newer meditations coming out of our Miraculous Living Sound Studio, we have not only included the healing and release of energy from the ovaries for woman, but are clearing the testes and prostate for men. This is an especially wonderful technique for prevention of future problems.

What if you are already having problems and the prostate is enlarged or you are having the sudden and frequent urination urges? There are several things to do that dramatically improve the situation. These items can be addressed in either the private one-to-one healings with myself or one of my certified miraculous healers, or in our miraculous healing weekends. Yes, we definitely address this very important issue in the group healings, where we often have more men then women in the room.

Men’s Health Healing Protocol
1.  Discover the color and function of the prostate, testes, bladder and urethra.  This is done using kinesiology. Typically the function will be very low and the color grey or black (energetically). The dark color will mean that it is in an unhealthy or death pattern and cannot regenerate into health at this point.

2.  Pump gold energy into each of the 4 areas until color and function return to a        healthy color.

    Best colors;          Prostrate; cobalt blue 100%, orange 90%

         Testes; apple green 100%, yellow 98%, peacock blue 90%

         Bladder; pink 100%, yellow 93%

         Urethra; sky blue 100%, mint green 94%, red 83%

3.  The process of shrinking any enlarged issue, for women this works well with fibroids also, is to do the rose-bomb technique. Essentially you will imagine putting the image of a rose on the enlarged prostate to absorb the excess energy.  Next, imagine a cartoon bomb exploding the rose, taking the energy with it, thus shrinking the energy holding the enlargement.

Although the herb saw palmetto is recommended for supporting prostrate health, I understand it takes a whole lot more herb then you can possibly ingest to provide significant improvement for the inconvenient condition of enlarged prostate.

Yogis have always practiced sublimating sexual energy with a meditation technique.  While in meditation allow the sexual energy to rise up through the spine through the 6th chakra at the brow center, where it is comforted in the mental force and then out the top of the head. The energy problem is one of congestion in the male body, that just like backed up plumbing, will cause stress and strain on the system  until something gives due to overload.

The fine art of keeping the body in balance and healthy at every age is our mission. Please check out our website to learn about the healing weekends, free healing calls, one to one series and the Happy Hormones audio program ( that restores the entire endocrine system. This meditation download has a special 30-minute men’s healing included!
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