Architects and House Designers Are Drawn to for a Win/Win Promo

If you have the skills to design a house plan with Chief Architect, you can win free advertising from the website who revolutionized home addition building.
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House Designer & Architect Advertising Opportunity
House Designer & Architect Advertising Opportunity
Dec. 22, 2012 - PRLog -- New Britain, Connecticut -- Advertising for any business to build brand awareness is a game that's played by people who either have money, connections, or both. decided to bridge the gap in the house designer arena by offering a unique Win/Win Program for house designers and architects.

The opportunity calls for these house designers and architects to submit a few JPEG's of a house plan in order to be given the opportunity to have these photos published on their award winning website along with a watermark promoting the designers.

The rules for the Win/Win Program are short and most architects and house designers already have what it takes on their computer hard drive, to take full advantage of this useful free advertising promotion. Each program entry must include a 3D floor overview, an Interior Room Rendering, and a Full Overview of the House Exterior. With these three photos, the architects and house designers get their opportunity to be featured on gallery of unique and popular home addition plans. was the first website to feature dozens of high resolution home addition plans rendered to look photo realistic. So if you were looking to build a bedroom addition onto your colonial, cape, or ranch, you simply went to their site, looked at all the bedroom addition plan options, and within minutes you knew how much, and how long it would take to build such an extensive remodeling project. Before provided these options online for free to homeowners, the only way to get ideas and projects costs for home additions was to use the old school method of contacting several contractors, who had the ability to design your idea as well as give you an estimated cost and project completion time.

Does The Math Equal A Win/Win Opportunity?

It's really not a bad idea at all, takes your house renderings to create a larger array of project ideas for their web visitors, while house designers and architects benefit from thousands of new eyeballs seeing their company name or website address every month. states this is a Win/Win Scenario and to sweeten the deal, they are offering a few more incentives that will definitely lock at least a few capable designers and architects into a mutually beneficial partnership soon. One of those scenarios offers their design partners lead referrals for design work. This is a great opportunity for the design partners to convert their intellectual property that is otherwise taking up space on their hard drive, into future paying customers. The amount of partners that will be accepted into the program is limited according to Voitek L. Klimczyk, the owner of He advises that anyone interested should act quickly, before all the available positions are taken, and that people should try re-applying quarterly in-case a position opens up.

Can anyone who can design a house with Chief Architect or similar architectural software be considered for this partnership program?

It certainly seems so according to the rules published on, visit their website for a complete list of details and information on how to officially enter into the Win/Win Partnership Program by clicking the link at the bottom of this press release.

In conclusion if you are an architect, house designer, or engineering student with access to Chief Architect, this unique opportunity which won't last forever, will allow you to build brand awareness and most likely make a few exrta dollars doing design work from referrals that originated from The best part is that people who fit this criteria most likely already have dozens of 3D renderings on their computer that they could submit to take advantage of this Win/Win Opportunity right away.

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