New Car Infographics: Four Generations of the Infiniti G Illustrated

Join us as we take a hypothetical journey through a G owner’s life and explore the history of a unique luxury sports car.
By: Infiniti of Scottsdale
See the entire infographic on our site!
See the entire infographic on our site!
Jan. 1, 2013 - PRLog -- When the Japanese Joined the Luxury Market -
It wasn’t until the mid-80s that American and European ‘luxury’ car producers were joined by Japanese automakers. Up until this point, companies like Nissan focused on non-premium segments, but by the early 90s they were producing some of the most cutting-edge luxury vehicles on the market. Under Nissan’s new luxury nameplate, Infiniti, the company introduced the world to one of the first high-end vehicles developed by a Japanese automaker: the Infiniti G20.

View the History of the Infiniti G Infographic Now!

The Beginning of the Modern Luxury Car -
During this transition, the luxury car mold changed, along with the needs and lives of luxury car buyers. This evolution was clear in the G as it met the needs of modern consumers with its spirited performance, sleek dimensions and impressive fuel economy – none of which were traditional attributes of former luxury cars.

Infiniti G Infographic -
View a new car infographic that maps out the evolution of the G against the evolution of its consumers. For good measure, we've also thrown in some fun facts and pop culture references. For example, do you know what year pro wrestler Jesse Ventura won the Minnesota governorship? It was the same year the second generation G returned to U.S. streets after a brief discontinuation.

Our infographic illustrates over 20 years of the G’s lifetime, and perhaps, some parts of your lifetime too. It touches on pivotal historical events and fun pop-culture history, while juxtaposing the progression of the G with the evolution of its consumers. From 1991 through the present, the G has grown up and evolved with the changing needs and lifestyles of luxury car buyers, and today it continues to satisfy modern demands, representing the 21st Century phenomenon of “new luxury” to a T.

Follow this link to see our History of the Infiniti G Infographic now and learn when it went from being called the G20 to the G37, when it won its first awards, when the show Friends ended, when Howard Stern kissed New York Giant Leonard Marshall’s derriere, and more!

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