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What ever you do, do not jump in to the trap of believing that all is working nicely... it very much is not. My suggestion is to prepare yourself for the worse financial collapse that is on its way. Buy gold and buy silver and stash them away safely.
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Dec. 19, 2012 - PRLog -- Observing the price action of gold on Wednesday following the Fed announced it was going to double down on quantitative easing, it was difficult not to conclude that the precious metals had been at danger of another leg down.

Following all, right here was Captain Ben stating that the Fed helicopters had been going to drop an extra $40 billion a month, bringing the dollar deluge to a whopping $85 billion a month - $1.02 trillion a year - and rather than soaring, the precious metals barely squeaked out any gains at all. Rare Coins, Silver Coins, Gold Coins, Learn more >>

Certainly sufficient, confirming my fears, in the overnight markets heading into Thursday, the prices of gold and silver had been each smacked down smartly. That this occurred instantly on the heels of the Fed's announcement was regarded as sufficient, but it is really worse than that.

I say that simply because earlier this week Mark Carney, the incoming head of the Bank of England, the equivalent of the Fed, produced a speech basically stating that upon assuming his new job, he, too, could be advocating a sizable and open-ended quantitative easing.

In the same vein, the sure-to-be-elected new prime minister of Japan is basing his effective campaign platform on a lot of exactly the same concept - an unlimited amount of new quantitative easing. Likewise, the ECB is shifting toward an accommodative policy.

Essentially, in a deliberate try to spawn a international wave of inflation, it became clear this week that the Western world's significant central banks have fallen lock-step behind a coordinated policy of extraordinary and unprecedented currency debasement. How high will silver go? Learn more >>

73% of New Jobs Produced in the Last 5 Months Are in Government. In June, a total of 142,415,000 individuals had been employed in the US, according to the BLS, which includes 19,938,000 who had been employed by federal, state and nearby governments. By November, based on information BLS released, the total number of individuals employed had climbed to 143,262,000, an general increase of 847,000 in the six months since June.

In exactly the same five-month period since June, the number of individuals employed by government elevated by 621,000 to 20,559,000. These 621,000 new government jobs produced in the last 5 months equal 73.3 % of the 847,000 new jobs produced general.

Sadly, while the outlook for the monetary metal remains very positive, the timing of when it'll stage its next large rally, or in the end reaches its peak, are unknowable.

Therefore, for all those amongst you with gold and related holdings, your continued patience is required. That is another method of saying; you'll need staying power. Which, in turn, means that your positions need to become "right-sized" in comparison to your net worth as well as your earnings versus your costs. In the event you discover yourself needing to raise money - maybe to pay your "fairer" share of the tax burden - you can be forced to sell prior to the profit truly starts, locking in a loss, and that will be most unfortunate.

As to how long it'll be prior to gold plays the very function that background has assigned to it, it truly is anyone's guess.

A representative of the Federal Reserve Board or employee of the Treasury Department would let you know that there isn't any inflation in sight, and most likely will not be for two or 3 years and perhaps longer. They may be right, in terms of serious and widespread price increases (as opposed to the steady body blows of greater fuel and food prices), but that will be incorrect in terms of the technical definition of inflation - the issuance of new currency units - of which there's aplenty. You merely cannot have the kind of monetary debasement we're witnessing with out knock-on devaluation in the buying power of the currency units.

However the policy makers and their quislings amongst the punditry could very nicely be incorrect, just because the vast majority had been concerning the monetary crisis. You can actually wake up tomorrow and uncover that some thing has gone terribly amiss in all of the sage postulations concerning the economic climate and also the capability of the US government to help keep interest rates next to zero and price increases modest.

Namely that while fighting the Fed is stated to become a bad concept, and for great cause - it does, following all, have all of the coercive power of the state at its command - the way the planet really functions is the fact that the best-laid plans are frequently discovered to become flawed. In today's globe, with trillions of dollars in obscure and indecipherable derivatives pools, massively under funded pensions, bankrupt municipalities, a huge selection of billions of bad mortgages parked on the balance sheets of banks and, increasingly, of the Fed... the list of feasible trigger points for the total loss of self-confidence in the monetary method and for what passes for cash nowadays is long indeed.

Therefore, the name of this specific game would be to prepare for what is certainly coming, but make sure that your plans don't hamper your capability to survive financially while waiting. In other words, do not use a lot of leverage, or go "all in" on something, even your preferred valuable metal or gold shares.

But likewise, do not despair. Simply because the future you anticipate and have ready for hasn't however materialized, do not believe it will not. The very structure of the world's monetary method has been fractured beyond repair, as have the foundations of the biggest economies. The only thing holding it with each other will be the fiat-currency method that was behind the fracturing in the first place and that's now being taken to an intense and extraordinary level in an try to help keep the entire shebang from actually collapsing.

While I'm not going to let you know what to complete together with your cash, I'll let you know in broad terms what my loved ones and I are performing with our cash, as I believe that will be the best method of communicating not just what my views are, however the particular actions I'm taking because of these views. In no specific order...

In short, as I have stressed in many prior articles, we have done every thing we are able to diversify in between asset classes, monetary institutions and political jurisdictions. I'm very comfy that a 25% allocation to precious metals investments, as well as other tangibles like our foreign real estate, will probably be sufficient to determine us through as soon as the trap closes and also the method goes through a really epic reboot. Given the scale of the issue, that reboot will most definitely be one for the record books.

In the meanwhile, worrying excessively is really a waste of valuable time. The short-term gyrations, or perhaps longer periods of correction and consolidation in precious metals, ought to mean absolutely nothing - supplied you do not go overboard and discover your self in a position exactly where you have to sell some thing.

Since you view the large image, all that truly counts is what the numbers-in-charge are performing, and also you do not have to look very far at all to determine that they're determined to destroy the currency units that their many debts are denominated in. That is truly all you need to understand.

What ever you do, do not jump in to the trap of believing that all is working nicely... it very much is not. My suggestion is to prepare yourself for the worse financial collapse that is on its way. Buy gold and buy silver and stash them away safely until you may soon need them to survive. Rare Coins, Silver Coins, Gold Coins, Learn more >>
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