New York Company Develops This Year's Must Have Maternity Gift

What does every expectant mom want to receive as a holiday gift this year? This amazing maternity body shaper that energizes, tones and helps a woman feel sexy - even during pregnancy!
By: House of Layla
LAYLA Maternity Bodysuit
LAYLA Maternity Bodysuit
Dec. 19, 2012 - PRLog -- Next time you are shopping for the perfect gift for a pregnant woman, look no further than the brand new line of maternity undergarments developed by House of LAYLA™ founder Leila Samoodi.

The best ever maternity gift – and the one that pregnant celebrities across the world are quietly buying up – comes in the form of a body suit developed specifically for expectant moms. Made from a unique, copper-infused fabric that stretches with the growth of your baby while providing energizing support, the LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit is unlike any other maternity undergarment on the market today. Its special fabric energizes the body while helping the expectant mom easily slip into her clothing and look better every time she wears the LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit. If you never thought you could look and feel sexy months into your pregnancy, you’ve never tried this amazing new undergarment!

In addition to the unique way this bodysuit invigorates and tones the pregnant woman’s body, it provides exceptional support for the neck, shoulders and back. Special neuro-bands which automatically cue the nerve endings of the shoulders and back into proper posture at all times are sewn right into the back of this prenatal body shaper.

The LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit was developed by a woman for women. After years of researching the effect of posture on health, House of LAYLA founder Leila Samoodi determined that the neuro-banding being used in athletic apparel would be perfect to help expectant moms sit and stand in perfect posture, effortlessly. This occurs through the precise placement of the neuro-bands, which make contact with the nerve endings in the back and cue the muscles to automatically achieve neutral anatomy, or perfect posture. Over time, neutral anatomy actually becomes second nature to your body through the process of your nerve endings retraining your brain!

Proper posture has been medically proven to provide relief for the back, muscle and joint pain of pregnancy. According to Dr. Eric Jacoby, MD, FACOG, an OB/Gyn in Dallas, Texas, "Lower back pain during pregnancy is manageable and must be addressed as quickly as possible, otherwise, it could lead to reoccurring back problems after pregnancy. I recommend the LAYLA™ to all my patients as a corrective measure that works. The response has been beyond encouraging, almost all report significant pain relief."

The LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit is not a compression garment such as a belly belt or prenatal cradle that forms a tight band around your pelvis. Wrapping an imbalanced torso in a compressive material is counter-intuitive, and counter-productive. The pregnant body wants to adjust and equalize, not be squeezed. The LAYLA™ balancing bodysuit bolsters the natural balanced movement of the body, enabling it to better tolerate the excessive demands of pregnancy.

But Ms. Samoodi wanted to do more than just help expectant moms feel good; her goal was to help them look and feel sexy – even during those days right before the baby is born, when most women simply feel big and ungainly. The LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit helps with that, too, by smoothing out a woman’s curves and making any clothing fit better when worn over the top of a LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit.

Why is this new product so perfect for a pregnant woman’s health and self esteem that it is considered a must-have? This is what one customer from Massachusetts had to say after receiving hers, “The Layla bodysuit is a breath of fresh air – literally, I can breathe in it and it still gives me a nice shape! And not for nothing, after a week+ of wearing it, I feel I hold my shoulders back, and I don’t have the lower back pain I’m accustomed to. This is truly a great product for expecting mothers.” Take it from the customers who have already experienced the LAYLA difference, the maternity bodysuit helps expectant moms feel better, enjoy more energy and look wonderfully sexy, even in their third trimester!

The LAYLA™ Maternity Bodysuit is available in three neutral colors and sizes ranging from extra small to 2XL. It retails for $129. It can be purchased directly from the company's website at

This is the gift that Hollywood actresses and other celebrities will be receiving this year for Christmas – how about you?

About House of LAYLA

House of LAYLA is the ground-breaking company formed by entrepreneur Leila Samoodi, whose goal it is to make every woman feel great and look sexy – even during pregnancy!

After researching the effect of neuro-banding on posture in athletic garments, Ms. Samoodi formed the idea of using this unique technology to develop a line of undergarments for pregnant women and new moms. She has since expanded that concept to include a full line of form-fitting clothing that also incorporates the unique copper-infused fabric and slimming panels found in LAYLA™ maternity products. All House of LAYLA™ products slenderize, tone, provide energy, reduce the appearance of cellulite and help the wearer achieve proper posture through neuro-banding and uniquely supportive fabric panels.

The future is now with the technologically advanced House of LAYLA™ line of women’s undergarments and clothing. See for yourself how good it can feel to look sexy by slipping into a House of LAYLA™ garment today.
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