Grammar Chic, Inc.: High Quality Writing Is Imperative to Professional Success

Amanda E. Clark, president and editor-in-chief of Grammar Chic, Inc., delivers insight on how the increasingly digital world has affected business writing and, ultimately, positive career prospects for business professionals.
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Dec. 17, 2012 - PRLog -- Communication seems to be increasingly difficult, if not condensed, in today's digital world.  Many professionals find themselves faced with 140 character limits or the task of quickly typing an email or text message on the go.  Ultimately, the pressure of accurately conveying a message continues to intensify, even as grammar rules seem lax in the age of LOLs and hashtags.  A recent Fast Company article has identified many of the writing challenges and roadblocks professionals face.  Amanda E. Clark, president and editor-in-chief of Grammar Chic, Inc., a writing and editing consultancy specializing in helping businesspeople with their professional correspondence, comments on this trend in a recent press statement.

The article outlines several facets of the corporate world that have been impacted by heavy reliance on digital platforms.  The author, Christa Carone, states that, while digital publishing platforms have opened up the business marketplace for new voices and opinions, many organizations have laid off non-essential employees, such as copyeditors who have long provided quality assurance regarding written marketing messages.  She states, “Major news organizations have sent copyeditors packing to save money and enable writers to publish quickly.  People are encouraged to package thoughts in 140 characters or less and express themselves—OMG—in cutesy shorthand.”  Grammar Chic, Inc.’s Clark concurs with this statement.

“It’s interesting when you consider how written messaging has changed the business world.  Ultimately, we are dealing with a rushed written environment.  It’s all about timely delivery of information, but the quality of the message has been sacrificed,” states Clark.  “I have many clients who come to me knowing that, while the mantra of efficiency is prevalent in the corporate world, their jobs also depend on their ability to communicate well.  It’s an oxymoron, frankly. You can’t tell someone to hurry up, but then get upset when whatever written message they put out there is rife with errors.

Clark’s staff at Grammar Chic, Inc. regularly plays the role of the copyeditor to business clients who are focused on their own internal deadlines.  “We are often approached by business professionals—people whose job it is to represent a Fortune 500 corporation—who say, ‘I know I am the VP of Operations, but I need your company’s help because I am not a writer.’  Ultimately, because time is always of the essence and our very careers depend on our ability to communicate in real-time, many professionals feel stressed thinking about sending off written work on the fly.  Some clients have us edit and proofread every single email they send out.  It’s no joke; they know their job depends on their professionalism and, while they are stellar in person, they might have worries about how grammatical errors will reflect on their ability to do their job well.”

While more advanced business professionals understand that their writing skills are part of their image, there is a large group of the younger demographic that has not yet learned how this talent is part and parcel to their future success.

“I think that many younger professionals are only starting to realize that their communication skills are integral to a high quality professional image,” contemplates Clark.  “You might tweet in your personal life easily enough, or send out a quick text message to a friend littered with grammatical errors, but that is not going to fly in your professional life.  A young businessperson might need to look at what their senior colleagues are doing in order to get ahead in the digital age—and that is hire an editor, even for something as simple as a quick email to the boss.”

Individuals who are interested in learning more about Grammar Chic, Inc. and the services that it offers, including but not limited to business writing and editing, are invited to visit Individuals may also call (803) 831-7444 or email to find out more regarding pricing and other details.  


Grammar Chic, Inc. is a full-service literary consultancy that provides writing and editing services to a diverse clientele. Led by President and Editor-In-Chief Amanda E. Clark, Grammar Chic's team offers its expertise to clients in the creative, business and academic fields. The company accepts a wide range of projects and often drafts resumes, business communications, press releases, web content, marketing materials and ghostwritten creative pieces. To learn more about Grammar Chic, Inc. and the services that its team offers, visit

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