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Legally Blind woman explains choice in ViewSonic VA2431wm Review. Why this one over all the others?
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Dec. 18, 2012 - PRLog -- The ViewSonic VA2431wm, clearly seen. Or is it?

In the digital age, much is made about accessibility for the handicapped. The curbs are being made with scoop outs. The public buildings are required to have automatic doors. But how does a blind person choose a computer monitor?

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● Size matters. Not just the biggest monitor but how will it be mounted close enough to see and utilize the field of vision that the impairment has left them.

● Resolution. The crispness of the screen is vital. If the impairment causes fuzziness, blurred edges, or doubling, then having a poor resolution only compounds the problem.

● Brightness controls. Some blind persons are extremely sensitive to the high back-lit screen. Others need to be able to bring the contrast up to emphasize the words or pictures.

● Integrated speakers. Disabled people use a lot of assistive devices. The fewer cables crossing the desk the better. It isn't just a matter of a clean work space. It is a matter of safety.

● Price Point. Obviously, right? Not so much! Disabled people, on a national average, earn less than their peers but their cost of living is higher. The monitor needs to incorporate all of their needs and still be at a price they can afford.

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The ViewSonic VA2431wm exceeds the above requirements. It is mountable on walls or swing arms to move the monitor into optimal location. The display is crisp, clear and easily adjustable. The price point is spot on. Are their cheaper monitors out there? Sure! the keyword is "cheaper."  To show the ease of this monitor check out where the monitor is used to make the video about the monitor.

Now you really can see clearly. The ViewSonic VA2431wm is the answer for the disabled. Thank you ViewSonic VA2431wm.

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