Concord Business Man Tom Sheppard for Cabarrus Register of Deeds

Tom Sheppard, longtime resident of Cabarrus County, a former Marine, a small business owner, and a successful real estate entrepreneur has decided to put his hat in the ring for the position as Cabarrus County Register of Deeds.
register of deeds
register of deeds
Dec. 13, 2012 - PRLog -- Concord, North Carolina -- In an email to John Lewis (, the Chairman of the Cabarrus County GOP, Mr. Sheppard informed the GOP Chair that he wants to be considered for the currently vacant role of Register of Deeds.

"You may recall that about four years ago I ran for County Commission in the primaries.  With a very modestly funded campaign (less than $500), and starting late, I was still able to garner about 2,500 votes.  Not bad for a guy who was then totally unknown to GOP voters.  I mention this because it means my name will not be totally unknown to Cabarrus County voters.

"In addition to my very modest political experience, I have over 17+ years with a major national bank, a position which required bonding. While working as a defense contractor I held a SECRET clearance.  I also am a US Marine veteran.  I believe these factors will make it easy for me to be bonded and to gain some confidence among Cabarrus voters while also being seen as an outsider – so it won’t appear that the job is being handed out as a party favor (pun intended).

"While working for the bank, I established a track record of running high performance teams and handling projects with multi-million dollar budgets with an enterprise-wide scope. I have worked as an adjunct faculty member at RCCC and I have a masters in management and another masters in project management, in addition to my BS in computer sciences and MIS (double major).

"I have been successfully investing in real estate in the Mecklenburg, Cabarrus and Rowan area since 2001 so I have an understanding of some of the real estate aspects of the job."

The position was vacated when the man elected to the office, former attorney Ben Small was unable to post a performance bond that was acceptable to the County Commission.

Rather than let the position be handed out as a political reward, Sheppard stepped up to position himself for the role.  Sheppard, a relative outsider in political circles in Cabarrus County is probably best known locally for his attempt four years to gain a seat on the County Commission.  As a political unknown, he came out of no where and still managed to garner more than 2,500 primary votes while running on a tiny campaign budget.

Many fear that a politically motivated appointee might dramatically rearrange the quiet but important office of the Register of Deeds.  The acting Register of Deeds and Mr. Small's opponent in the election are both Democrats.  When asked about his plans for the office, Mr. Sheppard responded,

"I can tell you flatly, I am not interested in cleaning house at the Register's office. Rather, I would expect to work with the current team to see if there are improvements that they have been hoping to make and try to move those efforts forward to make the office function more effectively and to serve the citizens of Cabarrus County in a cost-effective manner."

More can be learned about Mr. Sheppard's political views by visiting his Facebook Page ( or his political blog "Defending Our Rights" (  Insights into his business life can be gleaned at

Tom is urging all Cabarrus County voters who want this Register of Deeds messed cleaned up quickly and to have a Register of Deeds in whom they can have confidence and full faith to reach out to Mr. John Lewis today by sending him an email at and voicing their support for Mr. Sheppard as the next Register of Deeds.


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