Seabourn Cruise Line’s favourite Caviar Becoming a Staple at Palm Beach's Finest Venues

Bice Ristorante launches Black River Caviar Happy Hours beginning Mon. December 17th, 4:00 – 7:30 p.m. The special allows guests the opportunity to enjoy a 20 gram tin of the finest Russian Ossetra with a suggested accompaniment by Chef Elmer.
Dec. 11, 2012 - PRLog -- Palm Beach BICE Ristorante kicks off Monday’s ‘CALL TO CAVIAR LOVERS’
Chef Elmer invites Caviar Lovers to suggest ways to enjoy fine caviar

(Palm Beach--)  Bice Ristorante launches the Holiday with a special invitation to Bice patrons who appreciate fine caviar.  Monday Black River Caviar Happy Hours at Bice Bar will begin Monday December 17th, 4:00 – 7:30 p.m. The special offer allows guests the opportunity to enjoy a 20 gram tin of the finest Russian Ossetra (enough for two generous servings) and choose from Chef Elmer’s suggested accompaniments, or make suggestions for future menu features. Guests will also enjoy complimentary chilled vodka or Prosecco. The price for this special sampling for two is $75.00

“Everyone seems to request fine caviar these days.  We are thrilled Black River Caviar has offered us the opportunity to invite our loyal patrons who are caviar aficionados to offer their suggestions.  We’ve had guests who love ossetra on cucumber slices, on potatoes, scrambled eggs and even on avocado.  Mondays gives us the opportunity to explore our client’s personal taste and modify our menu. We now have the finest Ossetra and welcome their suggestions.” says Chef Elmer Sarabia of Bice Ristorante,

Chosen by the most demanding chefs, hotels and restaurants in the country, Black River Ossetra was selected by Seabourn Cruise Lines in 2011 to be the exclusive caviar served on their ships. "Caviar is a luxury," noted Richard Meadows, Seabourn's president, "and as such, it is a part of the culinary repertoire on board our ships. Seabourn guests expect us to provide quality caviar. Black River Caviar also shares our concern for sustainability, so we are pleased to have discovered Black River Ossetra.”

Black River Caviar has become a favourite among Palm Beach, New York and Boston notables.  As a result some of the most private clubs in Palm Beach are featuring Black River Caviar on their menu.  

“We have to honour the privacy of many of the private clubs who have ordered our caviar and are now featuring us in their menu this season.   What I can do is thank certain clients who have helped us secure these prestigious private clubs and restaurants.  I will continue to thank these individuals and do my best to support their charities,” says Graham Gaspard, President of Black River Caviar.

Black River Caviar recently supported Denise Rich’s Angel Ball Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer, and will be sponsoring Leonard Lauder’s Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation’s Board member meeting on December 12th.  Black River Caviar also recently donated to New Hope Charities silent auction.

More recently, Black River Caviar offered clients an option advertised in the Shiny Sheet, the opportunity to donate 20% of their orders to Palm Beach charities including New Hope Charities, Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Boys and Girls Club and is currently reviewing other requests by Palm Beach charities.  Charities are welcome to submit their requests to or

About Black River Caviar and its Unique Farming Process
Black River Caviar is produced by a family-owned facility on the Rio Negro in Uruguay, under the guidance of a Russian trained caviar master and sturgeon farmer Roman Alcalde.  The firm was started in 1990 with fertilized Siberian sturgeon roe imported from Russia.  After twelve years of cultivation, the company introduced Black River Siberian Ossetra in  2001.  

Processed by the lower-salt Malossol method, Black River Ossetra, comes from Siberian and Russian sturgeon stock raised in a natural environment carefully researched to provide ideal conditions. The end result is caviar that has been praised by experts in the food industry, including Ruth Reichl, the former editor-in-chief of Gourmet magazine for its flavor and texture.  

Black River Caviar’s unique farming concept has not only exceeded the expectations of the most discerning connoisseurs and food critics, but has also been verified as being ecologically sustainable by the authority of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and granted a top “Green” rating by the Marine Conservation Institute.  

“There is‘cleanness’ about the taste that I really love. That it is malossol was a plus--not too salty. A slight ocean aroma and flavor spoke of the open ocean rather than a swampy bay. The caviar has a nice pop--the eggs dissolve with just a slight pressure on the roof of the mouth. The resulting liquid is buttery, creamy. A very superior caviar.  Congratulations. All the planning and hard work pays off in the product,” says Jeff Cox-Art of Eating- April 2009.

After 14 years of cultivation, Black River’s Russian Ossetra ‘Gueldenstaedtii’ was introduced earlier this year (2012) Due to the larger egg size and more complex flavor profile, most savvy caviar aficionados opt for the Russian Ossetra.
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