"Showtime: Comedic Acting Scenes for Two Actors" New Book Is All Over Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Author Gregory L Hudson's new acting book, "Showtime: Comedic Acting Scenes for Two Actors, has made its way to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and is seemingly the most "versatile scene study book for two actors" ever written.
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Now On Sale!
Now On Sale!
Dec. 8, 2012 - PRLog -- For as little as $7.99, this one of a kind acting and scene study book that retails for about $30.00 can be yours (Google ebook).

"Showtime: Comedic Acting Scenes for Two Actors" is Hudson's follow-up book to his very popular acting book, "Monologues: Dramatic Monologues For Actors". Like "Monologues", "Showtime" has chapters on "stage terminology", "film terminology", and a chapter on "commonly used vernacular". Whereas Monologues, has 32 original monologues, Showtime has 16 original acting scenes for two actors for male and female actors.  

"I wrote this book to fill a much needed vacuum for actors to used during their down time to keep their skills sharp and ready.  When I was an actor, one of my biggest challenges was trying to find material to work on when I was not performing in a production. I simply couldn't find anything and often found myself writing or creating my own or in many cases using materials that really was not right for me. Hopefully, Showtime will fill that void". Some of the scenes can be read on this site. http://www.poorpennyproductions.com/index/Showtime:_Comed...

Showtime has 16 wonderful acting scenes for two actors: male and male, male and female, female and female, old and young, gay and straight and so on. Like his 32 monologues, all 16 acting scenes are original and taken from his body of work. Some of the scenes are from his most popular stage plays, "No Harm, No Foul" (an outrageous comedy), "Bronx House" (a powerful prision drama), "Vagabond Love" (a two character romantic comedy), and "A Piece of My Dream" (a heart-warming drama). There are also acting scenes from some of his screen plays, "Thaddeus McCain" (a thrilling action comedy), "The Plaintiff" (a suspense thriller) and a scene from his tv pilot, "Buck Wild".

Among the many things that make this book so versatile is that, 1) the acting scenes can also be used as "short plays" for small productions or showcases and 2) within the scenes, there are also monologues. So not only are you getting acting scenes and short plays, but monologues as well.

For a teacher, professor, or acting coach, this book is a wonderful resource. "As a drama teacher, I often found myself in the middle of a lesson having to switch and go from one book or resource to another. If I was working on stage or in the classroom on a monologue with a student and needed to teach stage directions, I would have to stop or interrupt the lesson to find another book or resource with stage directions and waste valuable time. With Showtime, I simply turn to the chapter on stage directions and keep moving. The same goes if I needed film terminology". So rather than having to purchase 3 or 4 different books for monologues, scenes, short plays, stage terminology, film terminology, and commonly used vernacular, Showtime has it all ... in one book.

This book doesn't appears to be in the libraries yet and I'm not quite sure as to why. Maybe because it's "self-pubished" as opposed to from a "traditional publisher". If that is among the reasons, there is simply no other book with the scholastic value and versatility of Showtime "self-published", "traditionally published" or otherwise, and thus ... it should be in every library in this country.

"I've had many of my students come to me and say that they could not find my book in the libraries. That's pretty numbing when an author lives and works in a neighborhood surrounded by numerous libraries and yet .... none of his or her books are in those libraries. And ... in many cases, librarians will ask a self-published author from the neighborhood to donate their books wherein they will readily buy books of traditional published authors who have no connections or relationship to the community at all".

For those readers who still enjoy the beauty of reading from and owning a "hard cover book", you are in luck.  Showtime comes in a stunningly designed hard cover, as well as soft cover. The cover is designed with a beautiful stage with two spotlights beaming down into a cross with a table set for two in the audience. Most notable is ... the two "greek masks" atop of the stage (representing comedy and tragedy) and signaling to the world that it is "Showtime!"

The hard cover retails for around $30.00 and the paperback for about $20.00; but shop around and you can find this gem brand new on Amazon for as little as $15.00; especially at "First Impression Book Store" and the feedback from customers are 100% satisfied. All of the books are brand new, backed by Amazon and the author and ... gift wrapping is available along with free shipping in some instances.

For those readers who prefer the electronic version of the book, not to worry. Showtime is not only available on Google for ereader; it is also available on Kindle, Nook, Sony and other devices from $7.99 to $9.99.

"Most people have not heard of this book because I have never promoted it. I was so busy writing and publishing books that I simply did not have the time to promote them; I wrote and published 4 books in about 3 years".

Other books by Hudson includes his most recent new "captivating" book, "Why I Sued Eddie Murphy" http://www.poorpennyproductions.com/index/mn39597/Why_I_s... that is taking the nation by storm, "48 POEMS: Reflections Of A Poet" http://www.poorpennyproductions.com/index/48_POEMS:_Refle...
and as mentioned earlier, "Monologues: Dramatic Monologues For Actors".

If you don't have Showtime or any of Hudson's other books, put them on your holiday shopping list now! There is nothing like surprising a friend, family member, or colleague a wonderful and useful book that will definately be a good read and ... help them along with their careers.


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