Girl Curiously Stumbles Upon Perfect Health Ingredient: MCT Oil

Talking to her (much needed) personal trainer Jessica found out about the little known supplement MCT Oil. Body Builders use it to cut fat, and for people it has many uses (i.e. helping aid Alzheimers). She lost 20 lbs in 2 months and is now sharing
Hey, I'm Jessica and MCT Oil helped change my diet for life
Hey, I'm Jessica and MCT Oil helped change my diet for life
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Dec. 6, 2012 - PRLog -- I couldn't stand it.

Being the popular girl in school, I rarely even got hit on at the bar (even by drunk guys)!

I contemplated everything; dieting (didn't work), getting active (needed motivation), and a few diet scams. It got to the point where I was questioning my own life...

In need of motivation, I went down to the local gym and began talking to a personal trainer. He had a big bottle of this clear liquid, and I asked him what it was. He said, "Its MCT Oil. I use it when I want to cut for competition."

Then the thought occurred, 'If bodybuilders use it than...'

I did my research, checked amazon reviews, and finally decided to get a bottle. All I have to say is WOW...

I lost 20lbs and did not change a thing to my diet. Just 1 problem. With my insane travel schedule, I could not bring 20 ounce bottle around with me.

So I improvised and put the MCT oil in a small spray bottle. It was perfect - I could spray it on food, directly into my mouth, and I could take it ANYWHERE.

It was so awesome that my friends and family began asking me how I changed and I simply pointed to MCT Oil. (My mother uses it for her dry skin and it cleared her sun damage up in a matter of weeks)

This supplement change my life so much that I dedicated my own site to sharing this life-changing  substance. The site is called, and I posted below a blog post form the site. It outlines the many benefits you receive from integrating MCT oil into your life.

The site is a labor of love, and if you stop at the site & are not interested, be sure to share this supplement with someone who may need it. It really is a little-known life changer.

Here is a post:

Your human body is the most valuable asset you have…do you treat it that way?

Being a purely healthy person in the present day is one of the hardest things to achieve. With fast food and processed food running rampant, chemicals are being digested – rather than natural foods.

This is why America is a leader in lifestyle disease. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Stroke (& the list goes on) all kill millions of people a year. MCT oil is a shockingly littles-known food that remedies that harmful effects of your diet.

MCT oil is used hand in hand with medications used to treat disorders. Some disorders include diarrhea, celiac diseases, steatorrhea which comes about due to the indigestion of fats. MCT Oil is important in treating stomach disorders and digestion difficulties that come about due to surgeries on the stomach and/or on intestines.

MCTs have predominately been used in the sporting arena (but I am trying to change that so everyone may use its pure benefits). These fats are used by athletes and soccer players in order to provide the body with nutritional support that in turn enables the body to have an enhanced lean muscle mass. The technical word for it is a Thermogenic. Muscle mass is obviously important for athletes – but it is also very vital for you. Muscle mass helps you keep strong bones and protects your immune system (not to mention it makes you look great!)

In addition, MCT oil is used to enhance the burning of fat deposits in the body and calories. The accumulation of fats in the body is unattractive and one of the main reasons death-staking diseases are so popular in the USA. On direct problem is hypertension (aka blood pressure).

Even more amazing, MCT oil is used in enhancing the effective absorption of nutrients and proteins in the body. This results in an easier path to a healthy body – one that is able to destroy fat and defend against disease.

MCTs have a medicinal benefit in that they can be used by patients who have zero tolerance to other types of fats. MCTs are relatively neutral and as a result they do cause any side effects after their use. Research that has been done on these fats indicates that there is a very high possibility that the fats can be used in the cure of Alzheimer’s disease.

All in all, MCT oil is a wunderkind food. There are not many foods that may compare to the muscle building, fat stoppage, nutrient absorption, and disease defending effects like MCT oil. The best part is that only a teaspoon will do the trick for the WHOLE day – that is why we created MCT Spray.

MCT Spray lets you take the benefits anywhere and keeps you from ingesting too much (hint: too much = diaherra & stomach ache). If you are ready to take your health to the next level, than MCT Oil is for you!

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