Verdrehung Fan(TM) Proto-Time Machine To Be Demonstrated In Bexley High School Class Room

As the hopes for Ronald Mallett's time machine project fade, Marshall Barnes presses forward with three demonstrations of his Verdrehung Fan(TM) proto-time machine scheduled for Monday, December 10th at Bexley High School In Bexley, OH.
Marshall Barnes Lecturing at Grandview Heights HS Copyright 2012
Marshall Barnes Lecturing at Grandview Heights HS Copyright 2012
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Dec. 6, 2012 - PRLog -- Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng will be making another classroom demonstration of his Verdrehung Fan(TM) proto-time machine, after his debut success at Grandview Heights High School last month. The Verdrehung Fan(TM) is powered by his exclusive STDTS technology which creates specially synthesized electromagnetic fields that contract space as they move through space, resulting in acceleration for anything moving along behind the field. As a result, the STDTS is the only existing proto-technology for warp drive as well.

Marshall is in a race with University of Connecticut physics professor, Ronald Mallett, PhD, who for 10 years has been the subject of much publicity, a book deal and the rights to his story being sold to Spike Lee for a movie project, because of his patent for a design that he promoted as the first time machine. However, Mallett has yet to produce a working device that exhibits any potential to work. The Verdrehung Fan(TM) already displays a portion of the first stage requirement to be a time machine, which is the ability to warp space. It became apparent, recently, that a documentary exists that was filmed in January of this year that states that Mallett is 10 years away from being able to build his machine to prove his theory. This is devastating news for anyone hoping that Mallett will win the race, because Marshall estimates that his machine will become a full fledged and working time machine by 2014. He hopes to meet the full, first stage requirement to have a time machine, with his Verdrehung Fan(TM), sometime next year, leaving only the second stage before full scale time travel becomes real. Mallett requires a reported $300,000 now to achieve his goal, while Marshall is expected to be able to accomplish his with less than 10% of that figure .

Just as Marshall did at Grandview Heights High School , he will first give a lecture on the physics surrounding the nature of time, and Einstein's General, Special and unfinished Unified Field theories. He will show video experiments and then do a student aided demonstration of the Verdrehung Fan(TM), with student volunteers aiding, by running various components of the experimental set-up, which will include a strobe light that will be used to get in synch with the Verdrehung Fan(TM) -  much as a auto mechanic uses a timing light. When the Verdrehung Fan(TM) is hit with the STDTS field, however, it will break out of the synchronization set-up with the strobe light because it will then be spinning faster, the result of the STDTS field contracting space as it moves with the rotating fan blades.

"These are the kinds of demonstrations that Mallett can't do," Marshall says, "because he doesn't have a machine and he doesn't know anything about time travel physics beyond special and general theories of relativity which aren't even about time travel. Time travel is only a side effect of these theories and in fact Einstein was especially against the idea of time travel to the past, so it's not like this was what Einstein intended."

Marshall points out that his research stems from Einstein's overlooked and unfinished, Unified Field Theory of electromagnetism and gravity, also known as distant parallelism or tele-parallelism. But to achieve time travel to the past, outside of the geometry of closed time-like curves, will require the application of more obtuse theories that are rooted simultaneously in forgotten works of scientists and engineers from the early 20th century, as well as research areas from the very cutting edge of todays physics. For reasons of intellectual property rights and trade secrets, those are areas that Marshall doesn't readily share.

"I'm not a professor with tenure at a university, somewhere. I'm a business man. This isn't about trying to make a major scientific discovery. This is about developing and owning a technology that was the whole reason that the scientific discovery was looked for in the first place, which is why most physicists are clueless when it comes to the topic of time travel. You can tell, by the ideas that they come up with - Tipler cylinders and the like, which are highly improbable devices, let alone impractical, that they aren't trying to solve time machine issues. They're just doodling around."

"It's like the whole thinking that Mallett had when I offered him a chance to work with me on this project. It was like, I should just run along and go play outside while he had serious work to do, but I told him that this was serious and I had help and positive opinions from other physicists and I fully intended to build it, and if I did and it worked, - he'd lose all rights to claiming to have the world's first time machine, unless somehow he beat me to the punch. Now look at him. Ten years away from even having a serious test model and I'm doing science presentations now in classrooms all over the state and eventually the country."

Marshall will be embarking on a major tour next year, covering a third of the country. One of his appearances will be at the All-Con science fiction convention in Dallas, Texas where the theme will be "fractured time". British actor, Sylvester McCoy, who has played Dr. Who, will be there, providing an interesting opportunity for the attendees of the conference - the chance to see a real time travel researcher and someone who plays a famous fictional one on TV.
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