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Tactical Networking Solutions provides superior data and communication services. Serving the Maryland area, we handle a very broad range of communications and cabling that we specialize in.
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Dec. 5, 2012 - PRLog -- http://www.tacticalnetworkingsolutions.com
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Tactical Networking Solutions have you heard of us yet? If not you will. We are a Maryland based company providing superior networking and computer support for Residential & Small Business's. We are also diving into the wireless cell site industry completing various communication and coax projects. TNS provides a wide range of network cabling solutions that will more then satisfy your needs. The majority of our work is based solely on the complete utmost satisfaction of our customers.

So What Services Can We Provide To You?

Well that depends on what you need done. TNS installs, troubleshoots, repairs, and upgrades many types of communication equipment.

-Computers (laptop or desktop)- Are you having issues with your current laptop or desktop? Does it just not seem to be running right? Or do you have a new computer and need assistance with setting it up? Let tactical networking solutions fix all of your computer issues. Whether you have a bad virus on your machine and want to get rid of it, or you'd like to upgrade your current operating system or equipment, we will provide you with a superior service that you will never forget and have your old or new laptop or desktop running pristine.

-Coax cabling-  Do you need to add a new tv in a new or existing room? Do you need to fish coax cabling into another room, and your cable company says that they can't do that? Tactical networking solutions troubleshoots, installs, or repairs any type of coax cabling.

-Cat 5 cabling- Do you need to run direct ethernet lines through walls? Are you having issues with your wireless network dropping off in certain areas of your house? We can provide you all of the solutions necessary to keep your life simple and easy to make sure your network is always online.

-Structured cabling- TNS provides detailed structured cabling diagrams throughout many houses to take to shortest routes to get to certain points in your house to give you the most fastest speed possible. A lot of time and effort goes in to figuring out "structured cabling" on any given job. Tactical Networking Solutions will give your house a new professional look, and will look great when going to sell your home.

-Smart panels- Smart panels are a new modern technology device that home runs all of your interior wiring containing of cat 5 cabling, phone wiring, coax cabling, and audio-video cabling. Each one of these cables is directly ran from the smart panel itself to the given point in the house where that service needs to be. We can install/repair any smart panel installation you and your family may need in your home.

-Wireless routers- TNS installs , configures, and repairs any issues regarding wireless routers. We also provide customers with equipment if they do not currently have one. A few of the most common types of routers that we use are


-Phone wiring- Do you need new phone wiring in your home? Is all of your open and exposed phone wiring driving you crazy? Let tactical networking solutions work with you and resolve all of your frustrations. We can also install any new phone wiring in any room that you may need to put a jack as well.

-Wireless extenders- Are you having wireless network drop offs in your home? Do you need to boost the wireless signal from upstairs or from down in the basement? TNS will install and configure your wireless extender to boost signal strength throughout your home and get rid of all the dead spots and drop offs.

-Cable organization- Alot of people are very nice and neat with there homes, but the cabling always looks like a tornado came through and wrecked it. Tactical Networking Solutions takes there time, and will cut back any long wiring, and insure that all cabling be zip tied up nice and neatly.

These are just a few examples of what kind of work we are into, and what are professionals are most current and up to date with. There are many other types of services that we provide, these are just considered the most basic and most needed our customers to date. If you are more interested in what Tactical Networking Solutions can provide to you and your home or business.

TNS believes in giving back to the less fortunate. We wanted to build a company that is branded differently then most of cabling/IT companies in Maryland. For every one of our clients 4% of the total will go to foundations such as Hope For Haiti & Make A Wish Foundation.

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