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Investors can also obtain exposure to silver by purchasing stocks of companies that are engaged in extracting and selling the metal. Like most businesses, the profitability of silver miners depends upon the prevailing marketplace price...
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Dec. 3, 2012 - PRLog -- Silver has been an important metal for thousands of years, often used as a medium of exchange or jewelry in ancient occasions. The mineral was traditionally mined alongside copper and lead deposits across the Near East and also the Mediterranean around the height of the Roman Empire. Following the Spanish conquests of the New World, the focus of the silver market shifted to Latin America and also the huge deposits situated in Mexico, Bolivia, and most importantly, Peru. Briefly, the U.S. was at one time the world’s biggest silver producer thanks to the discovery of a massive silver deposit in Nevada (the Silver State), even though this production ultimately petered out and Latin American production soon again reigned supreme. How High Will Silver Go? Learn More >>

These days, silver nonetheless finds its way into jewelry and coins but it has also found its way into a number of more ‘modern’ applications also. Chief among these new age utilizes are a host of medical applications ranging from dentistry to wound treatment while the mineral also tends to make its way into technological applications such as photographic paper, batteries, and audio connectivity wires.

Due to this multitude of uses, the metal has continued to be a popular investable asset, attracting investors from around the world due to its numerous possible usages as well as its traditional role as a store of value and an inflation hedge. You will find a number of different options for investing in silver, including exchange-traded futures contracts, stocks of companies engaged in the extraction and sale of the metal, and each physically-backed and futures-based ETFs and ETNs. Investors also have the choice of purchasing up coins or bars of the metal in order to acquire physical exposure.

Physical Properties And Uses Of Silver

Silver is really a very malleable and ductile metal, prized not only for its hardness but also for its brilliant white shine. Furthermore, the metal has the highest electrical conductivity and also the highest thermal conductivity of all of the metals. This combination ensures that silver finds its way into a multitude of uses ranging from jewelry and coins to medicine and electrical wiring [see also Company Spotlight: Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX)].

While the photographic segment of silver demand might be waning, silver’s uses in photovoltaic cells in solar panels are becoming incredibly essential to the silver industry. This is particularly correct since the planet is beginning to rapidly shift in the direction of alternative fuel sources and silver remains a fairly inexpensive and high quality metal in the photovoltaic process. This comes at an excellent time for the solar business since the photographic uses are starting to decline rapidly thanks to the advent and now widespread use of digital photographic techniques. As digital photographs take off in emerging markets, demand for silver is most likely to become restricted. However, offered the multitude of other uses for silver in the technological and medical fields it remains to become noticed if this may impact the price or if things will even out for the business. Rare Coins, Silver Coins, Gold Coins >>

Currently, just 6% of silver is used for investment while the vast majority (near 40%) goes to industrial uses, a third to jewelry, and also the rest to photographic utilizes. This breakdown shows that in contrast to gold, silver has a wide number of uses and that large purchases by investors, or more widespread use of ETFs, will most likely have a minimal influence on the marketplace and also the general supply and demand image.

Silver Supply And Demand

Demand for silver has soared over the last a number of decades as emerging markets continue to develop and require more silver for electrical, medical, and ornamental purposes. The Andean region of South America, which consists of Chile, Bolivia, and Peru, is the most active silver producing area in the world, accounting for close to one-third of global supplies in recent years. The 3 nations also make up close to 40% of recognized reserves making certain that these countries dominate the discussion of silver prices. Because of this concentration of production, supply disruptions in the area have the potential to move prices sharply. Mine strikes, all-natural disasters, or spikes in geopolitical tensions in the area often send global silver prices higher in the short-term.

Peru in specific, despite its fairly little size, plays a significant role in the mining and production of silver. The nation is responsible for roughly 20% of the world’s production and reserves over the years. Other major producers consist of Australia, Bolivia, Mexico, and China.

As an international commodity, the price of silver is impacted by a number of factors, and is usually topic to significant price swings in a relatively short period of time. The significant price drivers of silver consist of:

Emerging Market Demand: Silver demand has surged in recent years due to rising wealth levels in emerging markets across the globe. This increase in earnings has permitted customers to buy up more jewelry, silverware, as well as other status symbols, helping to increase the price of the valuable metal.

Inflation/Currency Problems: Silver is seen as an inflation hedge and has been a store of cash for centuries. When the people of the globe lose faith in fiat currencies, it will likely be gold and silver that benefit. While gold often steals the show, silver is more volatile; which means that while it leads on the downside it also leads on the upside also. Furthermore, since silver is less than 1/40th the price of gold, it remains an obtainable objective for many people in poorer countries all over the world, suggesting that demand might be lifted by these without the wherewithal to buy gold but are nonetheless searching for an inflation hedge.

Silver has appeal as an investable asset for several factors. First, the metal has been a store of worth for thousands of years and it is broadly recognized the world over. The metal also has the potential to act as an inflation hedge, appreciating in value when prices broadly rise. Moreover, unlike the rest of the precious metals group, silver is broadly utilized both in the investment globe and in the industrial one suggesting that it may be a more balanced, but volatile, play than gold, platinum, or palladium.

Options for investing in physical silver are numerous to say the least. Due to the products fairly low price, wide number of uses and resistance to corrosion, silver coins, ‘rounds’, and bars are very popular among many investors. Several countries mint coins, the following is a list of the most popular issuers:

U.S.- ‘Walking Liberty’/’American Eagle’
Australia- ‘Koala’ and ‘Kookaburra’
Canada- ‘Maple Leaf’
China- ‘Panda’
Mexico- ‘Libertad’

In addition to these coins, investors have the option to purchase bars in numerous denominations ranging from one ounce up to 100oz. bars and beyond. Investors also have the choice to purchase old U.S. coins which have high levels of silver. You will find many resources on the web which detail various coin denominations and how a lot silver every type of coin has. Among the most popular options for investors seeking to go this route are with Half Dollars (1965-1970) and Eisenhower Dollars (1971-1976) that are each 40% silver. . Rare Coins, Silver Coins, Gold Coins >>
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