iPad Mini Gives Birth To Expectations In Web Design

‘Responsive Web Design’ is the way forward. One website will suit all mobile and tablet devices.
Nov. 30, 2012 - PRLog -- With the recent developments in technology, we now have access to a variety of different platforms and devices to surf the internet. From miniature phones to large LCDs, developers strive to design websites that are compatible for each platform separately. Not only can this be an exhausting task, it also requires a lot of time and effort in constructing different websites for different platforms. When the iPad mini was brought forth, developers had to think about making websites again to fit the screen. Tackling this issue once and for all, ‘Responsive Web Design’ features a revolutionary system that responds to the platform on which the website is opened. Once identified, the website adapts to the platform’s screen size, font etc., without the construction of a totally new website altogether.

This system is sure to cause quite a stir in the web designing field as it will eliminate the need of constructing various copies of the same webpage for different platform. The system adjusts its fonts, color scheme, size, even picture size with the measurements of the screen of the platform. This allows only one website to be used, only one link to be accessed, by all platforms for any particular website.

“It is a very tough thing to do, not many companies offer it, however, our valued clients deserve it” says Mark Tawney, Managing Director, All Web Services Ltd, one of the few companies that have revolutionized their practices with the aforementioned technology. The company aims at providing its clients the best services in the web designing field on the best prices. This is exactly the reason why many developers cannot offer responsive web design, the quality doesn’t come cheap. However, with companies like All Web Services, efficacy and exquisiteness is what makes the company famous.

All Web Services Ltd is an England and Wales based company, operating in the online world for several years now. Part of the “Federation of Small Businesses”, the company proudly has firm foothold in the local market, making it one of the leading web design giants. With professional web design services, the company aims at eliminating the troubles of starters in the online world by providing a complete set of web solutions at very affordable rates.

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