Ron Mills Delivers The Best Time Travel Radio Interview In History with Marshall Barnes

Ron Mills, the host of's The Chosen, made radio history last night and had the best time travel radio interview ever - delivering the ingenious Marshall Barnes and a live demonstration of his Verdrehung Fan(TM).
Marshall Barnes is thumbs up for his demonstration on The Chosen. Copyright 2012
Marshall Barnes is thumbs up for his demonstration on The Chosen. Copyright 2012
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Nov. 27, 2012 - PRLog -- Ron Mills had a history making edition of his program, The Chosen, last night when his guest, research and development engineer, Marshall Barnes, sat down behind the microphone to discuss time travel research. However, the history making part is that Marshall arrived with his Verdrehung Fan(TM) and demonstrated the small scale, space warping effect it produces, at least twice live in the studio.

Marshall is on his way to becoming legendary among those who entertain the reality of things like warp drive and time travel and he has the benefit of having a credible scientific and technology background, something that Mills noted and Marshall himself enforced when Mills tried to link the metaphysical interpretation of a unified field theory to Einstein.

"No, it's not the same thing. Einstein's unfinished unified field theory was about the unification of electromagnetism and gravity. This is not metaphysics here, this is physics and it makes a difference."

In fact, Marshall spent most of the program laying down the law of sorts, on a number of time travel issues including paradoxes.

"I defy anyone to create a space-time diagram trying to prove a paradox, because I will discombobulate it, every time. I've done it before"

Marshall took swipes at Stephen Hawking, when prompted, which wasn't surprising as he has made a mini career out of proving Hawking wrong. What listeners got though was the energy and confidence in his voice when talking about it.

"Hawking is a cosmologist...but all of his big mistakes have to do with time and time travel".

Though he's criticized Hawking for trying to be more "funny than factual", Marshall displayed a talented wit himself, routinely adding humor to the conversation. When Mills commented that his technical set-up looked like he was going to DJ, Marshall immediately slipped into a mock David Bowie imitation from the song, "DJ".

"I am a DJ, I am what I play", Marshall crooned into the mic.

Another time, when Mills questioned him on the government and their potential interest in tim travel as a weapon, Marshall said that he doesn't trust the government but not for the reason you think.

"Are you kidding me?", he laughed. "Look at this general Petraeus scandal. You've got that bimbo he was doing - she's got classified material at her home. Do you really think I'm going to get involved with people like that? That I'm going to let someone like her have access to my research? They'd be giving my stuff to the Chinese and I'm not having it!"

Mills revealed that Marshall has had past dealings with at least one military contractor years ago that wanted to hire him to work on weapons system concepts, and it was obvious from some of his remarks that he possess more than just a pedestrian knowledge of military and weaponization capabilities.

But it was when Marshall was discussing how time travel really works, that his true prowess came through.

"Look, when a physicist starts talking about general relativity and special relativity as the only solutions for time travel, all he's doing is showing that he knows nothing about time travel except what some 100 year old theory says. General relativity wasn't created to prove a basis for time travel, in fact Einstein wasn't even into that idea. So, when a physicist only has that to gone on, he's making it clear that he hasn't been trying to solve time travel..."

Before demonstrating his invention, the Verdrehung Fan(TM), Marshall explained the concept of the STDTS field that is created with a specially synthesized electromagnetic signal that contracts space as it moves through space. The STDTS is the same field that has become known as the catalyst for the first functioning proto-technology for warp drive. He figured out how to apply it to fan which results in the space around the fan starting to warp which can be seen most easily with the fan spinning faster. Other phenomena have been noticed as well, including the creation of ozone.

On the floor of the studio, Marshall had his set-up arrayed and ready to go. He did one demonstration during a commercial break and then repeated it on the air. Using a strobe light to cause the fan to appear to be set in a specific pattern of motion, Marshall then initiated the STDTS field which broke it out of that pattern, indicating that the fan had changed speed, something that shouldn't be possible because it only has one speed. The increase in speed is attributed to the space warp being created around the fan by the STDTS field speeding through it around the blades of the high velocity fan.

Marshall did mention his competition, which is Dr. Ronald Mallett of the University of Connecticut, however at this point Mallett is strictly an also ran. Although he started out getting international recognition for having a design for something that could become a time machine, a number of physicists have come forward to say that they don't see how it could satisfy all of the requirements put upon it by General Relativity in order to work, and he needs at least $250,000 to even build a prototype to test. Scientists and engineers at the Mars Society convention in Pasadena last August, who were familiar with Marshall's STDTS research, however, encouraged Marshall to pursue his idea of the fan when he got back him. He did and within a week and a half he made his historic announcement . To date, Mallett has nothing to show substantiating that his theory, behind the design that has brought him so much fame, is anymore than just a theory. Meanwhile, Marshall has been demonstrating his concept live and in person and has dates lined-up in Alliance, Ohio on December 8th and a major school event December 10th at Bexley High School in Bexley, OH. The continuing saga of their competition can be followed on the official web site .

Marshall told Mills last night, that it is only a matter of scaling up the power output of his device, in order for it to become a time machine. The fact that he was demonstrating the effect with less than a 50 watt output, should put the world on notice. He already knows where he can get as much as 14,000 watts of power, a level of energy that, if estimates on what he is doing so far are scalable, could open a hole in space and time or at least create an area of closed time-like curves, both of which are classified as "science fiction level effects" by Marshall and his associates.

When told that news had gotten out that he had scooped George Noory of Coast to Coast AM with his interview of Marshall, Mills was quick to say, "No, I'm no George Noory. He's got millions. I'm just a little guy."

"Yeah, but with all the time travel shows they've done on Coast to Coast," Marshall chimed in, "they've never had anyone do what I did tonight".
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