Xbox 360 Deals on Microsoft Stores Black Friday 2012 Save 80% On Xbox Console

Gaming and the next Xbox :-Xbox 360 games Deals on Microsoft Stores 90% Discount Black Friday 2012,Xbox 360 Deals on Microsoft Stores Black Friday 2012 Save 80% On Xbox Console
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Nov. 23, 2012 - PRLog -- Computer gaming has been making changes over the past 30 years. From going to arcades to play games, to computer games and console games. From single player, to now (thanks to the internet) where people around the world can play each other.
Arcade gaming use to be big, but now you have the arcade in your home or in your hand (with handhelds and smartphones). Gaming has become more social with MMO’s, Xbox Live, and PSN.
There are positives and negatives of both kind of gaming.
PC Gaming
PC gaming has MMO’s (massive multi-player online) where thousands of people can play with each other and/or against each other in vast lands.
There are also FPS (first person shooter) and RTS (real time strategy) games where teams can play against each other. You also have a mouse and keyboard which some people prefer over a console controller.
The negatives of PC gaming though is the cheating. Some people really enjoy ruining other peoples time by cheating and it seems almost unstoppable with PC gaming.
There is only one way to really stop it and that’s using services like OnLive where the game itself is on a server and its streamed to you while you play. The downfall of this is you need high speed internet (between 3 and 5 Mb/s) which a lot of people still don’t have.
The cost of playing PC games is a mixed bag as well. You have your pay to play games (World of Waraft and Starwars: The Old Republic for instance) which cost $15 a month.
This is fine except for the parents who’s child asks to shell out this every month. Then there are buy to play games which you buy the game in the store and play online for free (Guild Wars 2 and Diablo 3 for instance).
Then there is free to play. Now free to play can be a crap shoot because all these games have a cash shop.
This is fine when they just sell cosmetic things but when they start selling better weapons and such it can become a nightmare because it can become more than $15 a month, plus if you don’t pay you’re not on an even playing field with people who do.

Console Gaming
Console games have also have FPS and RTS games but very few MMO’s. You have a controller which some people prefer over a mouse and keyboard.
There is also cheating on consoles but I think its less than on the PC (I could be wrong). A new console game can cost as much as $60 and even more if you get the uber awesome version. You can also buy used games (this option may vanish with the next generation of consoles). Then if you have an Xbox 360 you have to pay $60 a year (there are discounts at times) for Xbox live which to me seems like a good deal for what you get. Consoles generally you just pay for the game and play as much as you want. There aren’t many free games on consoles.
What does the future bring?
This is a hard question to ask. Neither Microsoft, Nor Sony are saying much. There is the Nintendo Wii U which does look promising, but there are still things we don’t know about it.
When thinking about the next generation of consoles it just brings more questions than answers. What will the next Xbox use for game distribution for instance? Will they go Blu-ray? Pure download? Or something else?
I’m hoping the next consoles (especially the Xbox) will bring the best of PC and Console gaming together. Hopefully they’ll have a wide range of controllers, guns, mouse and keyboard, controllers, wheels, flight sticks…etc. Also I know this is to much to ask for but I hope they make it harder for modders and cheaters.
I know there have been a lot of rumors and speculation on what the next Xbox will be like. The internet has brought rumors about the next Xbox, Kinect and there was even an article on Surface right before Microsoft’s event (which ended up being false).
Also there was a 56 page document that claimed the specs and such for the next Xbox that was taken down not long after it was put up. This could have been real, or not. My guess (and also what Paul Thurrott guessed as well) is it could all be misinformation.

Here is what we know.
There will be a third Xbox coming out.
It will be more powerful than the Xbox 360.
There will be a Kinect 2.
The next Kinext will be more powerful.
That’s about what we can be sure of.
The possibilities.
It might cost $299.
There might be some Augmented Reality gasses coming out in 2014.
The OS might be using the NT core found in Windows 8, RT and Phone.
It might come with Kinect v2.
The next Kinect may not need as much room to play games.
The next Kinect may allow you to use props (swords, guns…etc).
Maybe we’ll near more in January at CES or Penny Arcade Expo or next years E3, unless they have some kind of special even like they did with Surface.
What do you think?
What do you hope for in the next Xbox?

Just yesterday, I talked about how Microsoft’s future is about a lot more than just Windows.
I talked about a few different business sectors that they are involved in such as business productivity, search technology, Xbox and its TV-related ventures, and other similar topics. My point was that Microsoft’s future isn’t necessarily defined by Windows 8′s success (or lack thereof), alone.
Sure, MS’ mobile ventures are very important, but the folks at Redmond understand that a bigger picture sees Microsoft move beyond what it is familiar with and take on a much wider range of products and ideas.
Despite the negativity that stock-holders, analysts, and some in the IT-world have to say about Steve Ballmer, the truth is that he is a personal Microsoft hero of mine.
Sure, he isn’t a genius on the level of Steve Jobs and isn’t the ruthless, ‘go get em’-type that Bill Gates is, but he thinks outside the box and about the bigger picture.
I was not a Microsoft fan for most of the early 2000s, and new technologies like Xbox helped change that. Still, I stayed anti-Windows until Windows 7 arrived.
Now with Windows 8 things are changing even further, and although I’m not personally in deep love with Metro, I trust where Microsoft is going with this. Nintendo proved in the gaming market that ‘thinking outside of the box’ helps reach users that normally wouldn’t game, and the Wii was a shining example of this.
I truly believe that Metro can be the PC world’s ‘Wii’. What I mean by this is that, sure, almost everyone uses a PC, but do they really use it well or that much?
I have in-laws that barely ever touch a PC because of viruses, hard to use interfaces, and more. They like tablets though because they are simple to use for browsing the net and playing games. Metro can do this for tablets and PCs alike.
Outside of Metro and Windows though, Microsoft is doing much more than that. With Xbox they are really adding tons of new TV services and content that change the way we think about ‘game systems’.
The war for the living room is far from over though, and if a new rumor is correct, Microsoft is taking an important step forward in this war.
It seems that MS might be working on a Kinect-enabled set-top box that doesn’t use the Xbox. This would be a separate product that would look similar to the connect but would have a wider base for HDMI and USB ports.
Essentially, the set-top box would give users all the TV/media functions of the Xbox, without the games.
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