Service Plus Plumbing Offers 3 Plumbing Tips for the Holidays!

The holiday season can be stressful, so Service Plus Plumbing of Las Vegas, NV has come up with a short article to help address some common holiday plumbing concerns for residents of Las Vegas.
Nov. 20, 2012 - PRLog -- Plumbing Tips for Las Vegas Consumers!

Plumbing Tip #1 -

Changing a Spud Gasket on a Toilet Tank

A typical tank to a normal toilet holds around 3.5 gallons of water. This mechanisms that help flush the tank sit in this water, day in and day out for years at a time. This can cause some of the parts to degrade and become unusable. Water can leak out of the tank from underneath, causing a high water bill and other issues. Here are a few steps to help you fix this issue.

Turn off the water

With most toilet installations, there is a valve below the tank that can shut off water. If you don’t know which way to turn it, remember the left is loose and right is tight.

Completely drain the tank

Flush as much as the water out as you can. Use a sponge or towels to soak up the rest of the water.

Unscrew the bolts holding the tank to the toilet. This will allow the tank to be removed.
Remove the spud washer

This washer stops water from leaking. Clean around the holes on the bottom of the tank and replace with a new spud washer.

Remove old gaskets from the bolts. Replace with new gaskets. Make sure each bolt is entirely clean.

Clean out the tank and replace. Remember to tighten the bolts when finished.
This will help you fix small leaks. If there is anything major that goes on, be sure to contact your local Las Vegas plumber like Service Plus Plumbing at (702) 518-8118

Tip #2 -

Tips to handle a major plumbing emergency

It is the misfortune of life that everyone experiences a bad plumbing emergency. With the amount of pipes and plumbing running through most homes, it is a wonder that these events only happen once in a while. However, we all experience a time or two with a pipe bursts or water spouts from the kitchen sink. What are we to do in these situations?

Stay Calm

Panicking when pipes break or a toilet explodes does one any good. Stay calm and quickly review the situation at hand.

Turn off the Main water valve

It is a good idea to learn where the main water shut off valve is located. When a plumbing emergency happens, this is the first valve to shut off.

Shut off the water heater

Turn off the water and make sure you know how to turn the heater off as well. This is usually accomplished just by flipping the switch to pilot. Make sure you read the manual for your heater for more details.

Turn off all other water valves in the house

Go through the house and make sure to shut off the water flow valve in every area where there is water. Check this twice just to make sure each one is off.

Temporarily duct tape small pipe cracks. This will help stop leaks.

Call a Plumber

This situation calls for a professional. Contact your local Las Vegas plumber for help figuring out what has happened.

Tip #3 -

Removing mineral buildup from a showerhead

A good shower is a great way to relieve the stress of the day. The gentle streams of water help massage your body and take you to another place for a time, the rigors of life fading into oblivion. That is until the shower head starts to misbehave. This could an inconstant flow, resulting in a stream that is too soft or too hard. Alternatively, the showerhead could be leaking, with only some of the water coming out. These issues don’t have to keep you from taking that great end of day shower you need.

Erratic Pressure

If water flow is either too hard or too soft, this could mean mineral buildup. Often this easy fix just takes a pin and a little vinegar. Remove the showerhead and make sure head stream hole is clear by using a pin. Next, soak it overnight in vinegar. The next day, scrub the head clean, rinse it, and replace. All the mineral build up will be gone.

Shower Leak

A leak could be causing some of the issue. Loosen the collar with a set of pliers and unscrew the head from the arm. Make sure the replace the washer with the same type, or else the showerhead might not fit back on or the water will continue to leak.

Not all issues can be solved on your own. When a big job needs to be finished, contact a Las Vegas Plumber for help.

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