Motivation Monday ~ Media Lies and Collusion ~ November 13, 2012

As I looked through web sites and newspapers this weekend to think about what today’s Motivation Monday© would be, I couldn’t help but notice that from Twinkies to Generals to our economy, the media is not doing their job. Is it collusion?
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Nov. 19, 2012 - PRLog -- As I looked through web sites and newspapers this weekend to think about what today’s Motivation Monday© would be, I couldn’t help but notice the number of stories where the media has lied and mislead us with stories by either telling out-and-out lies, or just not telling the entire story or ignoring the facts all together.  From Twinkies to Generals to our economy, the media is not doing their job.

The fall of General Patreus, who now seems to only be referred to as former CIA Chief David Patreus, I don’t know where the “General” part went?  Was he stripped of that?   People in the media knew about this story since August.  Why didn’t anyone report on it?  A government official that is unfaithful is not a story and seems like an ongoing problem, but the fact that it has garnered this much press now, after the election, why didn’t anyone break the story between August and Election Day?

There is a general sense that American media is left of center and that it provides favorable coverage toward President Obama and candidates that are left of center.  In this case, if the Patreus story had broken prior to the election, how many female votes would it have cost President Obama?  Is it out-and-out collusion?  Were certain media outlets that knew about the story in August told to sit on it and not release it?  What government officials were told to not release it?  The media hasn’t asked these questions.  I wonder why?

As for Benghazi. The media refused to put a full court press on what really happened prior to the election, but now seem to be really focused on what happened.  How can General Patreus who was the head of the CIA at the time say that he knew it was a terrorist attack and yet nobody interviewed him or asked him his opinion prior to the election?  Is this collusion once again?  Or was there some kind of “deal” cut that the story about Patreus’ infidelity wouldn’t be broken if he remained silent about Benghazi?  The two of these stories seem to be twisted together and yet the American media chose not to dig into them prior to the election.  Was it intentionally to help President Obama win?   How many votes would he have lost if the media focused on the fact that for the first time in over 50 years we had a sitting Ambassador murdered?

These are two national stories that have international ramifications, however, there are so many stories right here in America that the media are just not telling the truth about or choose to misdirect Americans in order to either protect themselves or their view of the world.

For instance, the death of Hostess, Inc. and the departure of our beloved Twinkies. There is a significant socio-economic story here that the media would prefer us all not to focus on.

I ask you to think about all of the industries that have had significant financial difficulty or are considered incompetent and have either been saved by the government or underwritten by the government?  Public Education, United States Post Office, the Auto industry, the Airline industry, the growing cost of government itself and public utilities, LIPA for instance.  All of these industries and the Hostess debacle all have something in common.  Unions! Or, as the media would like to refer to it, “the cost of labor.”

Hostess’ management and ownership decided to shut its doors and fire 16,000 workers rather than continue to be manipulated and held hostage by its unions.  Just like so many other industries in America that are being held hostage by unions, “the cost of labor” almost prevents companies from being successful.  The growing cost of labor makes running a business next to impossible.

A perfect example of this was here on Long Island during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  The local utility, Long Island Power Authority, LIPA and their union was more concerned with having teams that came in from out of town sign waivers and have all of their workers pay union dues than have them get out in the field to help people that went without power for over two weeks!  The out of town workers publicly discussed their concern that the LIPA workers and union members were more concerned with following union work rules than getting the job done.  They would intentionally pass downed wires, because the “tree crew” had to go first to cut limbs and trees before they could do the “line work.”  A perfect example of why the inefficiencies of today’s unions are breaking so many industries.

And what is the American media telling you?  Nothing.  Has there been an investigative story to show all of the inefficiencies that cost companies billions of dollars or us the American taxpayer?  No, they won’t focus on the story, because many of the writers and news networks have unionized writers and workers, so they will not tell you the story or show you the reality of how Unions are killing America.

What they won’t tell you, as witnessed in Wisconsin earlier this year, is that, yes, America is changing.  Last week, I wrote that the new American mantra is the opposite of what John F. Kennedy asked of us.  Today’s mantra seems to be, “ask NOT what I can do for my country, but rather what my country can do for me.”

The expansion of governments is creating a sub culture of people that are directly impacted by unions and working for the government.  People that receive government subsidies or are paid by some government entity or have a spouse or children that are somehow connected to a government funded industry or one funded by taxpayers, which includes not only all forms of government, but police, fire, military and schools.  They will NOT vote for any changes in funding.  They will NOT vote for cut backs in spending.  They will NOT accept more work for less pay, but rather the opposite.  They want less work for more pay and in many instances they have second jobs or use the system to make additional money.

Please note that there is NOT one major media outlet that has done a comprehensive story on how unions are breaking America.  And they won’t, because they have union workers as well.  They do not want to make unions look bad, when in fact, unions have destroyed almost every industry they are a part of, including the destruction of Hostess and our beloved Twinkies.

Is it collusion?  Are they intentionally not telling us the truth? The simple fact is that the current direction is absolutely NOT sustainable and yet America just elected a President that is going to further the cause of unions and at some point break America.  

Once there are over 50% of Americans working for some form of government or government agency they will control our destiny and it will not be the “middle class” that will pay, but rather the small business owners of America.  Small businesses that have been the “engine” of the American economy for a generation.  The small business owners that need to hire employees according to these new rules.  Small business owners that pay the fees and fines of local government.  The small business owners that make up some 65 to 80% of America’s GDP.  These are the people that will pay the price.  Those that actually do believe in “The American Dream.”  The dream that you can come to America and start a business and as hard as you work you will be compensated for that work and creativity, will be replaced by, as long as you work for the government you don’t have to worry and you don’t have to work that hard, because you’re protected.  They can keep raising taxes and fees and expenses on local business owners and the private sector so that those in the public sector can work less and ask for more.

Why has America chosen to go in this direction?  Because the media is NOT telling them the truth or the entire story.  Is it collusion?
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