Cloud Dominator - The software, that massively increases your exposure on Soundcloud

Packed with many incredible and powerful features to help you dominate your rivals on Soundcloud! Mass follow/unfollow, track play increaser, track downloader, automated sharing of tracks to group & much more...
Nov. 18, 2012 - PRLog -- This incredible piece of software has been highly anticipated over the last few weeks.

It has the ability to sky-rocket your Soundcloud exposure exponentially, proving to be a game-changer in helping you achieve your musical goals and reach!

Follow/Unfollow TARGETED users from any Soundcloud Group or ID. Mass message on autopilot, or automate the play counts or downloads of your track or DJ Mix. YOU control the delay intervals between each task. Save time and money!

It also features mass messaging with spinning capability, play increaser, download increaser, follow/unfollow tool and group share tool - all 100% automated saving you time and money. Full support and future features are also to be added to this powerful platform.

The features are incredible and under the hood, the software boasts some amazing attributes such as:

·         Mass follow/unfollow tool – Follow & Unfollow targeted groups or user ID’s. This leads to many people following you back. In only a couple of weeks, you will have increased your targeted follower-count ten-fold.. & with minimal effort due to the Cloud Dominator being fully-automated! This is a great way to get organic followers and to grow your profile quickly. This module has a tick box option so you don’t follow the same person twice! Very clever… However, should you not require this, you can easily follow them again.

·         Play increaser module with built-in proxy scraper & support – You can put as MANY plays on your tracks as possible within a short amount of time. Not only that, but if you have a DJ mix or are giving away a track for free, you can also increase the download count by as many as you like. All with a couple of clicks of your mouse! Increasing plays gets you higher in the Soundcloud search results and therefore gives rise to more plays and more exposure!

·         Mass message tool – Message those that follow you back! Our research has shown this is by far the most effective way at gaining collaborations, track plays, record sales and so on. Our mass message tool supports spinning functionality (see our video) so no two messages you send will be exactly the same! The Cloud Dominator can be set so the same person is never messaged twice too!

·         Share tracks to group module – An insane function which enables you to automatically share your tracks with any groups you have joined. You can share to a whopping 75 groups with a paid Soundcloud account – this is a REALLY powerful tool and we are excited to give you this functionality. You will get tons more comments and natural plays.

·         Multiple account support – We have enabled Cloud Dominator to support multiple accounts. For example, if you have another 1,2 or even 10 accounts you need to work on with Cloud Dominator -even all at the same time- then this is no problem! Simply run as many instances as Cloud Dominator as you wish and sit back and let the automated processes do the work for you.

·         Multi-threading internally and externally! This immensely powerful function enables you to run multiple instances of any task at once. Need to get 20,000 plays on ten of your tracks? No problem! Cloud Dominator has you covered. You can use as many modules at once of Cloud Dominator and we have developed Cloud Dominator so that it hardly uses any CPU on even the slowest of machines, so running 5-10 is not an issue!

·         Delay functionality for ALL of the above tasks! - Simply set the two parameters in the ‘Tools’ menu and you can dictate the delay time between tasks. For example, you can set a delay of 12-22 seconds for the follow/unfollow module and set a time for the module to stop. It’s that easy and saves YOU so much time.

·         Captcha support – If you need to log in from somebody’s house or another country, we have you covered with Captcha support, whether you want to input this manually or otherwise.

·         Proxy scraper – Usually with bots like this, you would need to buy private proxies to use the play increaser and this can cost a lot of money. We knew this and didn’t want our customers to have to pay anything more than for the great value Cloud Dominator itself. So, we have implemented a reliable proxy scraper – 500 proxies in a minute is no problem!

·         User agents – with the play increaser in use, the play increaser will toggle between multiple user agents in the settings list. All this automatically so you don’t need to worry!

·         Easy and simple to use interface! Whilst being complex under the hood, we have made Cloud Dominator as EASY and SIMPLE for people to use as possible. You will be up and running in just 10 minutes or less – it is that simple!

There's a limited introductory offer on the software, but this won't be around for long and is LIMITED to 50 copies only!

Cloud Dominator have certainly pulled out all the stops!

Check out the video at:

Check out the Youtube video demonstration at:


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