Indian Head Trailers Bringing Kayak Trailer Manufacturing back to the USA

Cars and houses are not the only industries bringing manufacturing back to America. Indian Head Trailers launched over the summer is creating kayak and canoe trailers build right here in the USA!
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Kayak Trailer by Indian Head Trailers
Kayak Trailer by Indian Head Trailers
Nov. 17, 2012 - PRLog -- Indian Head Trailers™ is an American manufacturing company helping to bring jobs back to the United States of America. We are completely manufacturing our trailers right here.  We do not have foreign parts shipped to us and then simply put them together.  Oh no, we fabricate, weld, build and construct to give our customers the best kayak and canoe trailers on the market.

One of the most rapidly growing water sport taking the country by storm are the paddle sports. Namely kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding, (SUP's.) This is allowing family and friends to get outdoors and enjoy nature in a whole new way.  Many people love grabbing some kayaks, lots of people and hitting the open waters.  Rivers, lakes, you name it. If it is a body of water they want to paddle it.

A growing concern is, however, how to transport these vessels to a destination.  Another problem is how to get more than one to these destinations.  Indian Head Trailers discovered the solution.  Build a trailer that will accommodate this growing sport by allowing customers to gather all paddle sport enthusiasts, their vessels and hit the road.

Starting with a very unique design to look sleek, engineered to support several kayaks, or canoes safely and available in several bright colors this company has developed the best looking and best performing trailer on the market.

In addition Indian Head Trailers is bringing manufacturing back to America. Having a trailer completely manufactured in the United States of America brings a certain amount of pride and joy to ownership because by doing so we are keeping the US Dollar right where it belongs- in the USA!

It begins with square tube steel cut into specific measurements then welded into the correct place.  The box, the masts, the spreaders are all placed in just the right spots at the right angles to give one of the most sexiest trailers on the market the shape and usability to the paddle sport consumer.

Being able to say we are Made in USA on our trailer plates is an awesome feeling. We believe in this country and that is why we are "Built on American Pride!"  When you buy American the mighty dollar stays here to support our people, our communities and our way of life.  Recent events proved what happens when the dollar goes overseas, the economy tanks and people searching for good jobs skyrockets.

The next time you are in the market to purchase something look for the Made in USA mark, or tag.  It is the only way to assure our survival in the country.  Sure it may cost a little more, but the quality cannot be matched.  Indian Head Trailers manufactures all our trailers by hand using skilled labor to keep the highest quality standards.  

If you love paddle sports, we have the solution to carry your vessels with our kayak and canoe trailers built and designed just for you.  Lightweight, yet solid steel frame, powder coat finish in many bright colors and made in America brings enthusiasm to any patriotic member of our society.  Based on blood, sweat and tears our work ethic brings pride in our product.  Indian Head Trailers- Built on American Pride!


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