Government assisted program investigating settlement alternatives to national bank fraud victims.

National bank fraud effected Millions of Americans might be eligible for numerous government programs that assist with those growing number of home-buyers that have been victims of mortgage fraud.
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Nov. 16, 2012 - PRLog -- A staggering number of homeowners are unaware that they might have been victims of mortgage fraud. The recent economy has put an unprecedented amount of people out of work which has caused them to have various issues making payments in a scheduled manner.

Our© IJR News investigation revealed that many of the people have significant equity in their houses and there are programs out there to help them. Even more disturbing is that some of these same people needlessly fell prey to unethical loan practices, many of which were government funded.

There are numerous legal assistance programs that are available to assist with issues surrounding these situations including: late payments, loss of income, people going through a divorce, death in the family, and even people facing a negative cash flow on their houses. These programs are also effective for people that are on a fixed income, such as Social Security income retirement or various other pension incomes.

Our investigation found that there programs that are specific to those people that have seen their pensions facing equity reduction.  Unfortunately, in most situations these people are not able to refinance due to credit or income problems, or they simply don't fit the parameters of many revised traditional loan programs.

IJR News contacted one of the best reviewed National Bank Fraud, which is the Department of Mortgage Fraud and Consumer Assistance Center. The Center is headquartered in Orange County, California. Leo Richards, lead journalist on national bank fraud, asked some tough questions CEO and founder, Sarah Kim. Kim told IJR News, "I absolutely love my job and the number one reason, being I get to help people keep their houses. There were so many people that signed onto loans where they didn't really know what they were signing, and in many cases were taken advantage of in various aspects of the contract."

"There are so many types of loans it would be impossible to know every aspect of each these loans, I mean there are commercial loans, hard money loans, second mortgages, high-interest rates, and many more. So in reality, it is not the fault of the borrower in many cases. Some of these predatory-type of loan programs that loan officers put people in compromised some of the basic fundamentals that the loan programs were intended for. People that have multiple unit properties or investment homes and rental properties are often in situations where there are a lot of options and if there is truly evidence of mortgage fraud, it's definitely worth it to take a look at."

"The big thing nowadays is people think they want to buy short sales foreclosures,   or trustee sales, or notice of default, without really knowing everything involved with that process and I could go on.  All of these loan circumstances require a wealth of knowlege,  there are certain legal steps that should ideally be followed to obtain the best results for that client. Our team of professionals and lawyers assure this happens at every level. There are many fraudulent programs out there made to simply take your money and leave you with no answers, do you homework prior to signing onto any government assistance program.”

“We work with the actual government agencies directly with our lawyers make sure that 100% of your interaction with any kind of complaint is completely done correctly.”

 IJR News does not endorse any particular organization that deals with loan fraud investigation.  However, we do believe our readers and subscribers should question if they're in a situation like this and then seek Legal help from agencies that work directly with actual government agencies.

IJR News and its investigation were able to conclude several things on the mortgage bank fraud subject. First, American tax dollars funded these loans that appeared to contain numerous legal violations.  In a sense many Americans are all victims, if they are tax payers.  

Legal assistance programs such as this one are really the only identified resource that assist the victims,  ultimately the victims of mortgage fraud and the US taxpayers of these lenders that misrepresented these loans.

If you have been a victim or suspect you might become a victim of mortgage fraud please contact  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY & The MAKING HOMES AFFORDABLE programs.

Submitted by,
Leo Richards - loan fraud investigator expert journalist & guest speaker
Roxana Greenman - Broker and loan compliance expert


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