"Why I Sued Eddie Murphy" Author Says Eddie Murphy Should Be ... "A Very Bitter Man"

Gregory L Hudson, author of the new book "Why I Sued Eddie Murphy" comments on Eddie Murphy's "I Am A Very Bitter Man ..." response to his tribute on Spike TV.
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Nov. 15, 2012 - PRLog -- "I Am A Very Bitter Man ..." quipps Eddie Murphy as he addressed those who came to pay homage at his tribute this past Wednesday (November 14, 2012) on Spike TV. Hudson Sued Murphy and Universal Studios for copyright infringement over the hit movie, LIFE.

In spite of anything else that transpired during the tribute those words alone, according to a promient New York Radio Personality, lit up the gossip phone lines and caused a fire storm of speculations and confusion as to "exactly" ... what that comment meant, who was it aimed at, and what was he referring to.

"I did not watched the tribute or haven't watched anything involving Eddie Murphy since I discovered (In 2000) that he, Robert Ramsey, Matthew Stone, Universal Pictures, Universal Studios, Brian Grazer, and Imagine Films Entertainment used "protected elements" of my stage plays "No Harm, No Foul" and "Bronx House" to create the hit movie, LIFE, starring Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Heavy D, and Bernie Mac. I didn't hear the comment, but the New York Radio Station 107.5 WBLS was in full affect. Even hotter than the "I Am A Very Bitter Man" comment was the "Who was the WHITE WOMAN sitting ALL UP UNDER Eddie Murphy",begged the callers.

Why is Eddie Murphy "A Very Bitter Man"?  Some might argue ... "Why Shouldn't Eddie Murphy be A Very Bitter Man"? Murphy has indeed entertained us with his comedy over the past 20 years.  On the other hand, Eddie Murphy has also caused an "irreparable amount of harm and devastation to the lives and familes of many "Independent Artists"; harm that can never be undone and no amount of money in the world will ever repair or make them whole again. Eddie Murphy has been sued for "copyright Infringement" (perhaps) more than any single celebrity in movie making history. His most notable involvment came to prominence when he and Paramount Studios were sued over the hit movie, Coming to America.

Copyright theft is a devastating and cruel and unsusual punishment that no decent human being should ever be subjected to. As Hudson hightlights in his new book, "Why I Sued Eddie Murphy", copyright infringement often leaves Independent Artists (Artist unrepresented by agents, managers, or lawyers) destitue, plagued with physical and mental brakedowns, and ultimately losing their families from the mental and financial strain of being dragged in, out, over, around, under, and through the court system for years until there is literally nothing left; other that a shell of ones self. "I can speak from personal experience on this," Hudson says.

"I've watched so many of my colleagues fall victim to copyright theft by movie studios, tv networks, and record labels. Even sadder is the fact that they steal and destroy Independent Artists with the blessing of the courts, their own lawyers (when they can find one), and the politicians ... all who readily and willingly turn blind eyes at the drop of a dime in support of these copyright thieves", says Hudson.

"I sued Eddie Murphy because Murphy, Universal, and others left me no choice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kru6CCxyiLQ&feature=re... I made numerous attempts to settle our differences out of court to no avail. On page 14 in the book is a copy of a letter that I sent to Murphy's attorneys, Richard Dannay and Thomas Kjellberg of the law offices of COWAN LIEBOWITZ & LATMAN PC stating, "Please reinerate that I do not want to be associated with any harm, damage, or destruction to their families and careers". On the very last page of the book is a copy of another letter that states,

    "When the dust settles, you will find that your client's devious and malicious actions and your mishandling of these matters will change the motion picture industry's egregious practices, reform copyright laws, and punish all of those who willfully and knowingly conspire to steal the lives and livelihood of decent people who simply tried to take care of thier families", recounts Hudson.  http://www.poorpennyproductions.com/index/Chapter__Introd...

Imagine how much time, money, and energy Hudson spent during a decade long legal battles against Murphy and Universal studios. These seemingly battles of biblical proportion led to, 2 cases being dismissed by Judge Frederic Block in the Eastern District Court of New York, 3 dismissals by Judge Gerard E. Lynch in the Southern District Court of New York, 3 dismissal (affirmed) by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, and 2 denied Petition for a  Writ of Certiorari by the Supreme Court of the United States; inadditon to Hudson's battling his own lawyer, Mirna L. White (Adams, Douglas & White) in front of the Brooklyn Bar Association to get his files back (after firing her) to continue his case. And as if that wasn't enough, he subsequently was betrayed by his second lawyer, Claudia Baio (Baio & Associates) who was literally thrown out of court by Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom (Eastern District Court of New York) because Baio "breached Hudson's attorney's client priviledge" by sharing Hudson's case with third parties. http://www.poorpennyproductions.com/index/mn20719/Gregory...

So .... why shouldn't Eddie Murphy be "A Very Bitter Man"?
Is he so blinded by his celebrity that he truly believed that he could wreak so much havoc on the lives of everyday people and struggling artists without any consequences? Now that his once percieved infallible career has come to a screeching halt, his latest movies are all BIG FLOPS, and the movie roles are no longer coming in by the dozens ... he is no longer the highest paid actor in Hollywood who once commanded 20 million dollars a movie; in stead, he is seemingly relegated as a bit actor trying to make a comeback doing a remake of the movie "Beverly Hills Cops" ... on "Television". My ... how the mighty have fallen. Eddie Murphy was also the subject of copyright lawsuits for the movies, "Harlem Nights", "Nutty Professor", and the animated tv series, "The PJs".  

"Personally, I feel very sorry for Eddie Murphy (although he never felt sorry for me as his lawyers, Universal, and others tried to bury me). The lawsuit between us should have never happened. One simple phone call to me and we could have settled our differences. Hiring a bunch of old dudes to try and intimidate a Special Forces Veteran was the worst strategy. If Eddie Murphy has any intentions of ever rising to promience again ... he must first repair the damage caused to those who he victimized via copyright theft ... starting with me.  He is a comedian ... I am a writer.  As I said to his lawyers and in my book, 'he could have had access to all of my works had he paid for the use of 'No Harm, No Foul' instead of trying to simply take it'.  Rather than acting in all of those silly roles in those ridiculous flops over the past ten years, he could of had real movies that suited his abilities.  His true friends would have advised him to settle his differences with me as opposed to wasting a fortune on lawyers", Hudson states.

"It is very sad to see another black celebrity bite the dust. My book makes it crystal clear how proud I was and how much I was pulling for Murphy to succeed in the movie 48 hours. As I said to one reporter who called me on the day that Heavy D passed away looking for some fodder to feed a juicy headline story, 'I take no pleasure in another man's pain'.  Needless to say ... that story didn't make it to press".  

"My mission has always been to be properly compesated for my work. There are two guys, Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stones (as well as Murphy) walking around taking full credit for a movie (LIFE) that they did not write. If Eddie Murphy and I can ever get beyond that ... then and only then .... just maybe ... I would be willing to revitilized his career with another movie or two as oppose to those 'Rotten Tomatoes" he rolling out. I don't need Eddie Murphy, Universal, or anyone. As for my work, it's not necessary for anyone to produce them ... I write because I am a writer compelled to write."

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