How to Repair a DVD Player - 5 Victorious Tactics for Fixing Various DVD Player Problems

Here are 5 proven tactics on how to repair a DVD player. The information and tips listed here are essential for all technicians who are serious about troubleshooting various DVD player problems in the proper fashion.
By: Jerry Gazila
Nov. 13, 2012 - PRLog -- Learning how to repair a DVD player isn’t really difficult. With a bit of practice, patience, along with a good quality manual to refer to, newbie electronic repairers would be able to troubleshoot problematic DVD players like a veteran in no time at all.

That being said, here are some proven tips for fixing your DVD player. Please take note that the following tips are meant for electronics repairers or technicians. Therefore, people with zero electronics experience should not attempt any one of these tips due to electrical hazard risk.

The Hot Ground Tip

The switch mode power supply of a DVD player has two different grounds: a hot ground as well as a cold ground. The hot ground is actually known as the primary side of a DVD player’s switch mode power supply, and the cold ground is sometimes referred to as the equipment ground.

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So the tip here is related to performing voltage testing of the above-mentioned grounds. Basically, when you’re examining the primary circuit with the power turned on, it’s important that you keep your meter ground to the hot ground, and inspect the secondary section of the DVD player’s power supply with the cold ground.

You see, using the cold ground without the hot ground in use may lead to inaccurate voltage measurement and may also be damaging to your meter. You can avoid this from happening by using a tool known as an isolation transformer. However, take note that a variable transformer is not one in the same as isolation transformer. These are two separate tools.

Failure Symptoms Tip

Identifying failure symptoms is essential when you’re trying to figure out how to repair a DVD player. For example if you’re performing a Magnavox DVD player troubleshooting work, before you start taking out the testing tools and whatnot, what you should do first is focus on the symptoms and take the time to really understand them.

You may not know the exact source of the problem, but you really need to know what is wrong with the device and possess a general idea of where the problem lies. So if a Magnavox DVD player spins at high speed without emitting audio and visual, then the issue is usually attributed to defective sled motor. So this basically means that you need to focus on the symptoms, figure out as much as you can about them before proceeding with the troubleshooting task.

DVD Player SMPS Component Tip

When it comes to fixing your DVD player, one of the crucial things that you need learn is how the switch mode power supply works (SMPS), and the functionally of each component within the power supply. There are many components in the SMPS including fuse, EMI Filter, Inductors, Capacitors, Chopper Transistor, and so on. You need to have solid understanding of these components, or you’re going to have an extremely tough time troubleshooting DVD players that are faulty.

Believe it or not, many issues concerning defective DVD players are actually due to the SMPS itself. Recently for instance, a technician was busy working on his LG DVD player troubleshooting task, and only realized much later on that one of the diodes of the DVD player’s SMPS had failed, and it completely destroyed the fuse. So once again, make sure you take the time to learn how SMPS works as well as the components involved.

Capacitor Replacement Tip

When inspecting the power supply board, you may find damaged capacitors and this is typically the result of a high voltage issue. Usually, a technician would replace the affected capacitor with a new one which has the exact voltage rating. However, a better approach is to switch with a higher voltage, yet similar capacitance capacitor. A good example here would be a faulty 1000uF/10V and replace it with a brand new 1000uF/16V. This approach helps to prevent high voltage issue from re-occurring.

How to Fix a DVD Player Guide

The importance of obtaining the right manual on how to repair a DVD player cannot be understated. A clearly written manual with illustrated pictures can help shortcut your way to success in troubleshooting and fixing problematic DVD players. It’ll help unlock your potential troubleshooting skills and save yourself months or years of research so you can focus on growing your electronics repairing business.

Now you can have the exact step-by-step methods for repairing DVD players by downloading this very user-friendly manual from the following website:
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