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Athena Allergy welcomes public scrutiny! Their Certified Nickel Free products are tested and guaranteed to be completely free of nickel. These products will never cause a nickel allergic reaction - choose Athena Allergy for a nickel-free life.
Oct. 31, 2012 - PRLog -- Election Day is right around the corner and Americans are carefully weighing political candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.  Perhaps it is time to expand those rigorous deliberations and examine products used on a regular basis.  There is growing concern that some merchandise lacks the quality that is expected and even promised.  Athena Allergy welcomes and encourages public review.  Each product offered by this family-owned business is tested to assure there is no nickel in the item that will ever cause a nickel allergic reaction.  View their products, philosophy, and practical tips at http://www.athenaallergy.com.

Nickel allergy sufferers have been disillusioned with products labeled "nickel free", "hypoallergenic", or "for sensitive skin".  Without laws in the United States to regulate the use of nickel, there is a lot of freedom with descriptive terminology.  While some items may be labeled nickel free, the metal may have a protective coating that is indeed free of nickel, but that will wear with time uncovering the nickel-laden base metal.  The base metal will contact the skin and cause a reaction.  Unfortunately, there are even some products that contain nickel but bear the hypoallergenic label.  Athena Allergy's platform is to provide the nickel allergic population with excellent products that are guaranteed to never test positive for nickel.

Choose Athena Allergy’s Certified Nickel Free line and take a stand against the pain, itch, and general discomfort associated with nickel allergic reactions.  These guaranteed nickel free products include a large selection of nickel free belts (http://www.athenaallergy.com/catalog/Nickel_Free_Belts-1-...) in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials for men, women, children and teens, with big and tall sizes available.  Popular belts include their genuine leather nickel free belts that are handcrafted in the USA.

Women often associate nickel allergy with the inability to wear jewelry.  Championing the cause of these women who have given up on finding truly nickel free jewelry,  Athena Allergy  has expanded their line of nickel free earrings, rings, pendant sets, and watches: http://www.athenaallergy.com/catalog/Nickel_Free_Jewelry-....  Many of these beautiful items are Certified Nickel Free and handmade in the USA, while some are Certified Nickel Safe™ and come with the same guarantee to never cause a nickel allergic reaction.

Titanium is also a great choice for anyone with nickel allergy.  The assortment of Certified Nickel Free titanium belts, buckles, and rings at Athena Allergy are made from aerospace grade titanium.  Lightweight, great looking, and practically indestructible, these titanium products are sure winners!

Athena Allergy is proud to offer the hard-to-find nickel free rivets and buttons to replace those on jeans and pants that cause red, itchy spots for the wearer.  Nickel Solution™, a top seller, is an indispensable kit designed to detect nickel and provide a protective coating from nickel exposure.  Many dermatologists and allergists support and recommend Athena Allergy’s Certified Nickel Free products, knowing this brand can be trusted.  

Selecting the right candidates for political offices can be an arduous task, but at least nickel allergy worries can be resolved by aligning with the Nickel Allergy Experts at Athena Allergy.  With over forty-five years of combined experience in the nickel allergy field, they have successfully earned the trust of consumers and health care professionals.
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