Sports Training: The Deception of a Muscle Building Physique and Poor Heart Health and Blood Doping

Can you have a sports training program that is safe and doping free? That's what many wonder after Lance Armstrong's doping accusations and death of Michael Clark Duncan. The problem is too many people measure health by appearances. What's better?
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Military Grade Contact for Best Dietary Supplement
Oct. 30, 2012 - PRLog -- After the recent news around Lance Armstrong being stripped of his titles as a result of blood doping accusations and Michael Clark Duncan’s death months after suffering a heart attack it would be easy to wonder if anybody can really have an effective sports training program that is safe and builds up your health.

Elite athletes are backed by the best sports medicine and scientific advances in nutrition and dietary supplements. They also have the benefit of an on-call medical support team to monitor their progress and know what danger signals to look for.

Part of what they look at is the condition of the athlete’s cardiovascular system. The health of their heart. This is the foundation of any good sports training program. A healthy heart will allow you to perform at peak levels, build muscle and endurance, and recover from your training sessions successfully.

But for many athletes and fitness enthusiasts that are not at the professional level, they measure their level of health by how they look. And, looks can be deceiving.

Lean Muscle Mass is Not the Best Indicator of Great Sports Training

Many athletes simply use the appearance of lean muscle mass as an indicator that their sports training program is effective. However, there is much more to your overall level of fitness and sports performance than the presence of muscle.

Your body is the sum of many parts. And the level of your performance during training or in any high-stress situation is directly related to how well every system in your body is conditioned.

One measure of effective sports conditioning is your pulse rate.

Your pulse rate is an indicator of your sports training status. The pulse never exceeds a benchmark rate of 130-140 beats per minute in a well-trained individual irrespective of the exercise load factor associated with his/her training regimen.  A pulse rate of 140 – 160 beats per minute (which is damaging to the heart and all large vessels) is characteristic of people with limited or no exercise and sports training experience.

Of course everyone wants fast and visible results. This desire for quick results usually leads to inadequate or excessive training. Sports training in this manner can actually have a negative impact on the body because it doesn’t allow for all the body’s systems to fully develop.

The result? You may end up with some muscle mass and still not be able to perform as well as you’d like.

Is Your Sports Training Damaging Your Heart?

If you notice that your [elevated] heart rate and pulse levels do not decrease from sports training session to training session, then this is a clear indication that your cardiovascular system is not fully developed.

Without a strong heart you are less able to endure and handle excessive exercise loads.

So, what does “not fully developed” mean?

1.   Your existing cardio output is not capable of handling your current exercise load;

2.   Your arteries cannot properly supply your muscular system with red blood cells;

3.   Your capillary network structure is not sufficiently interwoven to adequately supply your muscle fiber with oxygenated blood and facilitate sufficient backflow of venous blood into the heart.

What is “cardio output?” It’s not how much cardio exercise you are doing, such as running or plyometrics. What it does refer to is cardiac output which is the amount of blood pumped by the heart each minute.

During exercise, your muscles demand more oxygen. This demand triggers your heart to work a little harder, increasing the cardiac output. After you stop the exercise and your body recovers, your heart rate will return to its normal resting heart rate.

For an athlete that is serious about sports training and peak performance, the long term effects of effective exercise will be a more efficient cardiovascular system.

The Best Sports Training Results in Better Cardiac Output

Your heart will become more efficient and be able to pump an increased volume of blood each minute. This efficiency results in a lower heart rate.

An endurance athlete, someone building muscle, and even and “normal” person that is training for the benefit of lifetime fitness, will all benefit from a stronger heart and increased performance as long as they are giving their internal systems the best dietary supplements and nutritional support to build those systems.

This is exactly where a lot of people fail. They don’t provide support on the molecular level.

Sometimes, you can do everything right on the outside; however, fail to give your internal framework the right support. It’s like trying to build muscle without taking in an adequate amount of protein to feed those muscle building efforts.

You’ve got to feed the health of your heart. And, it’s a good idea to do that with the latest in dietary supplements and nutrition backed by sports science dedicated to extreme conditions.

So many people embark into a sports training program without really understanding the current health of their heart. Yes, exercise can strengthen your heart. However, you have to support that properly in order to achieve the results you want.

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