Dr Les Bailey phd,DO,acopm,apta (int part) discusses a case of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

Dr Les Bailey looks at a case of PID that could have had a very different outcome,and discusses differential diagnosis
By: Dr Les Bailey
Oct. 29, 2012 - PRLog -- Pelvic inflammatory disease...A case of medical misdiagnosis by Dr Les Bailey..Dr Les Bailey phd,DO,acopm,apta(int part).
This story concerns a 24 year old female patient some 15 years ago that should serve as a reminder to all practitioners in all fields,whether medical doctor or complimentary therapist.
The lady in question consulted me as her family,s osteopath suffering with lumbar pain radiating across her pelvis.
Her GP had told her it was back strain and to go home and rest for 6 weeks.
When i examined her I noticed the pelvic pain was cascading across the entire area too much, and was of a too unspecific nature to be structural (musculoskeletal)
Upon palpating the lower abdomen (pain around the ovarian area) ,and questioning her symptoms,she showed all signs of pelvic inflammatory disease.
A basic diagnosis so I thought,and wrote her a letter to give to her doctor for him to take over and provide the appropriate treatment.
As I was unable help her, I did not charge her, but told her to keep in touch and let me know the outcome.
I stressed that the PID must be treated quickly or she risked her chances of infertility .
The next day she went to her family doctor who blatantly tore my refferal letter up in front of her and gave her a lecture on the evils of "quack medicine" .
He told her to go straight home and rest and not to be so silly!!! (times have changed and doctors and osteopaths have a fairly good relationship nowadays)
Luckily she phoned me straight away .I was not surprised by the doctors reaction,but a little disappointed at his diagnostic skills,especially when the PID symptoms were pointed out to him.
I told her she must go straight to the A&E department at our local hospital.
What happened next shocked me.
They told her it was probably a kidney infection and did various tests ,all coming back negative.
She was told again that it was lumbar strain and to go home and rest(!!!!!!)
She phoned me again and I was getting exasperated.
I could only advise her to book in with the youngest doctor at her surgery and let me know what he said.
By a stroke of luck,he rang me and I was able to explain my suspicions.He told me his best friend was an osteopath,and admitted we knew our structurals from our pathologies!
As it turned out it was PID and the necessary tests and treatment were administered by this young doctor.
Judging by the symptoms ,we caught this early,but it should serve as a warning to keep our diagnostic eye open to symptoms that just "dont fit" the usual musculoskeletal signs.
Dr Les Bailey.
About Dr Les Bailey phd,DO, acopm.apta(int part)
website http://www.drlesbailey.com
Email drlesbailey@yahoo.co.uk
Direct phone number 07801418080
Dr Les Bailey began in physical therapies in 1981,qualifying in remedial massage,and later going on to qualify as an osteopath.
He gained his phd from OIUCM for a thesis on the treatment of plantar fasciitis.
He was awarded a teaching/lecturing diploma from the northern school of osteopaths in 1993.
He also holds a diploma in foot biomechanics .
Dr Les Bailey works from his clinic near Banstead in surrey.
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