Cast member & Producer of Ethyrea: Code of the Brethren CYLK COZART, Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

The new Fantasy Blockbuster Franchise "Ethyrea" announces one of its own wins "LifeTime Achievement Award" Cast member and Producer, Cylk Cozart was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Knoxville Urban League, presented by Louis Gossett Jr
Cylk Cozart to play "Takeo SilverWing"
Cylk Cozart to play "Takeo SilverWing"
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Hollywood, Ca. October 27, 2012:  Sci-fi and fantasy fans rejoice! Coming to theaters in 2014 is an all new, all original, fantasy adventure series, that features Knoxville Native Cylk Cozart as the General of All Ethyrea’s™ Armies in the role of “Takeo SilverWing”, alongside Sci-Fi/Fantasy Icon, Kathy Krantz Stewart,  and a cast and crew that includes some of the biggest names in today’s entertainment industry.  Cozart was the recent recipient of the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Urban League, Presented by Hollywood Icon, Louis Gosset, Jr, with stars such as Martin Luther King III, U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr., Tennessee State Sen. Becky Duncan Massey, Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero and former Knoxville Mayor Daniel Brown, along with some of Tennessee’s young professionals to heads of major corporations in attendance to honor him. Cozart, known especially for his work in the film industry with an impressive list of film credits to his name, including: “Conspiracy Theory,” “White Men Can't Jump,” “Three to Tango,” “Love Affair,” “Eraser,” “Play It to the Bone,” “Blue Chips” and Steven Spielberg’s mega Hit, “Eagle Eye.”  also has an absolute “heart of gold”; heading up multiple non-profit causes, including his very own non-profit 501-c (3)  Foundation, The “Keeping Dreams Alive Foundation”, which continues to uplift, educate and give more than hope, to many children across the Globe. More on Cylk’s foundation can be found online at KeepingDreamsAliveFoundation dot Org ™. One of the things that attracted Cylk to the Ethyrea™ Franchise is the heart and the number of Non-profit causes that will be supported throughout every phase of the project.

"I don't pick projects. When something hits me that I feel I can help or make a difference in, then that's what I do," Says Cozart. "That's what drew me to this particular project. Throughout the entire production process, every stage, a different non-profit cause will benefit from the project. Danica has some impressive plans up her sleeve that will be a blessing to a lot of people. It’s pretty amazing! And I really look forward to the challenge of the role of Takeo SilverWing as well as working in a creative capacity as a Producer as well. I think a lot of good will come from this project!”          

With distribution already guaranteed, this independent blockbuster is a four picture franchise based on the young adult book series, The Order of Ethyrea™©, from Author Danica Fontaine and Old Line Publishing. One of the freshest, most exciting, and unique concepts to hit Hollywood in a long time, this film franchise is Clash of the Titans meets Lord of the Rings. With an A-list crew of seasoned veteran Hollywood filmmakers including Billy Badalato, who is known for his work on Walden Media's Around the World in 80 Days, Dear John, About Schmidt, Alien Resurrection, Broken Arrow, Top Gun and even the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, this film is steeped in the Hollywood elite and some of the finest independent and mainstream studios, as well as internationally award winning animation houses in the world especially with their partners Sandman Studios and Paralight Films.  Also, already signed on board and bringing their vast expertise to the franchise  are Steve Old and Peter White as Horse masters, having just wrapped up filming on The Hobbit, War Horse, Clash and Wrath of the Titans,  as well as the Canadian Stunt Team run by Stunt Master Stéphane Lefebvreand his team who did most of the stunt work in films like Red, Total Recall 2012, 300, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, 2012, and even some of the Twilight Saga’s such as “ New Moon” and more, help round this Independent film out as an International “Phenom in the Making”.

  “I am extremely excited to be able to work on a film of this caliber. In my thirty years in the industry, I have never had a script draw me into another world so unique and so completely, that I couldn't put it down! Danica has worked very hard reaching out and pulling in the cream of the crop and the most elite that Hollywood has to offer, and I just can't wait to get started”, says Producer Billy Badalato.

     Danica, who will be a featured Author and Guest on the film panel for Mysticon in Virginia in 2013, and the rest of her team have been being very tight lipped when it comes to their lead actors and top candidates for the position of Director, and Art/Creature Design, as well as about these “secret non-profit plans incorporated in the project.

“I will only say this,” says Danica as she smiles slyly, “Hollywood isn't going to know what hit them! We have some of the wildest and most completely unheard of marketing plans that are going to make this one of the most fun and exciting film experiences of all time: Experiences that will change a lot of lives for the better. On top of that, Ethyrea™ will be filmed in some of the most beautiful places on Earth inclusive of Hawaii, Louisiana, Mexico, possibly China or Bulgaria and potentially (fingers crossed) the jewel of the Mediterranean: the Majestic and Mystical Islands of Malta!”

  Danica's business partner, Lou Rawls, Jr, the son of the late, great Lou Rawls, is no stranger to the Entertainment Industry and, has been with Danica on this venture for over four years now. He says, “I'm just excited to be a part of this. Danica is a force of nature. Ethyrea™ is unlike anything Hollywood has ever seen; And Code of the Brethren is just film one. Wait till you see what else is in store with the rest of the franchise. This is definitely not just another remake of an old movie, which seems to becoming typical for Hollywood these days. It's fresh, it's exciting, it's family oriented. Even the very special marketing plans are going to be a magical roller-coaster for the audience, the cast, and the crew alike!

Ethyrea: Code of the Brethren™©, based on the book series, The Order of Ethyrea™© by author Danica Fontaine, is the first installment in a franchise that revolves around a world in another realm - a realm where every kingdom has mastered the control of an element. The Brethren are fierce warriors of high moral character, imaginative power, and unrivaled mastery of battle skills and sorcery. The first film’s story revolves around a curse by an evil Sorceress. Ethyrea™ and its Kingdoms begin to fall prey to an attack from her army of Nightmares, forcing the Royal Brethren of every Kingdom to come together before the Oracle and seek out a long foretold prophecy that will save Ethyrea™ from a fate far worse than destruction. Together, the Brethren will undertake a perilous quest to reunite the pieces of remembrance that were lost in realms destroyed by their opposite element long, long ago. Alongside of some pretty outstanding magical elements and special CGI effects and techniques, Ethyrea™ features unique creatures and Guardians rarely seen in fantasy films. There not only be dragons here.... but along with griffins, gargoyles, harpies, and sea serpents, and Draconians there are other wonderful and completely brand new mythical creatures. Ethyrea features no gore, no foul language, and is an exciting, imaginative thrill ride for the whole family. Some of Hollywood's greatest minds: Dean Cundey, Billy Badalato, Stephen Sobisky, Lee Baker, renowned Casting Director Robyn Owen, Troy Edwards of ITM-Entertainment, DQ Entertainment (Winner of the 2012 International Animation Studios of the Year Award) alongside numerous “Oscar” Winning Candidates and companies that have been brought together by the creator of this new blockbuster fantasy franchise that is most definitely going to be a "must see" come Spring 2014. A full list is available on™, including some "BIG" surprises sure to be announced soon.

To learn more about Ethyrea™, check out™©.

         Coming to Theaters Worldwide in Spring 2014
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