Ad agency introduces very simple Advertising Math that can help Businesses Make a lot more Money

This is about some very simple advertising math that every business should know about. The math is called "The Barrows Popularity Factor." It can help your company make a lot more money. Do you know about this math? Does your company know about it?
Essential Advertising Math: Download the ebook for only $4.95 at
Essential Advertising Math: Download the ebook for only $4.95 at
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...Now you can tell them about some easy-to-use advertising math that can help their company make a lot more money!

The math is called “The Barrows Popularity Factor.”

“The Barrows Popularity Factor” is a very simple equation that actually lets you quantify the relationship between advertising and sales, according to Robert Barrows, President of R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising and Public Relations in San Mateo, California.

The reason the math works is very simple.

The equation reduces the relationship between advertising and sales to its lowest possible common denominator...namely, “How much did you sell? (divided by)  How much did you advertise?” (But don’t do the math in it in units per gross impressions.)

In mathematical terms, the formula looks like this:

The Barrows Popularity Factor= How much did you sell? (In units) divided by /How much did you advertise?  (in gross impressions)

The answer you get is a rate of return on gross impressions.

That rate of return on gross impressions quantifies the popularity of your product and its promotion, and by doing so, it quantifies the relationship between your advertising and sales.

“Once you can quantify the relationship between your advertising and sales, you can then begin using a variety of other easy calculations to help you test and compare various elements of your advertising, and it can help you plan and project your advertising to help you increase your sales, increase your profit and decrease your risk,” says Barrows.

The math and how to use it is explained in a booklet he wrote called “The Barrows Popularity Factor.”

“You can read the whole booklet in about an hour, and the math is so easy to use that all of the calculations can be done by one person, in moments, with just a simple calculator,”  according to Barrows.

People can read more about the math and they can download “The Barrows Popularity Factor” booklet for $4.95 at

(NOTE TO EDITORS): News and media companies that sell advertising can also use this math to help them increase their advertising revenue because they can use the math to help them work with their clients to help them make their advertising much more effective. Media companies can also use the math to help them plan their own advertising campaigns to help them increase their circulation and increase their audience.)

“With the math in ‘The Barrows Popularity Factor,’ businesses can start taking a lot of the guesswork out of their advertising and they can use the math to help them make a lot more money,” says Barrows.

Every day, in every business, the people in charge of advertising, marketing and sales will constantly be reviewing all of their efforts to increase their business.

The big questions they look at are “How can they make a lot more money?” and “How much money can they make?”

The other questions that every business looks at regarding advertising are as follows:

*How much should you spend on advertising?

*How should you spend it?

*What should you say?

*What is the best media mix for your company and your advertising budget?

*Which ads and which media are producing the best results?

*Which media should you increase, and by how much?

*Which media can you decrease, and by how much?

*How is your competition spending their advertising budget?

*How is your competition affecting the sales of your products and services?

....And a lot of other questions along these same lines.

“The answers to these questions are very complex and there is no way to quantify all of the intangibles that affect the sales of a product...intangibles like the demand for a product, the availability of product, the consumer’s propensity to spend, whether you had a good sales force or a great sales force during the period of time of a specific promotion, your competition, and even the weather can’t really be quantified with cold, hard numbers, and all of these factors are intertwined.

Plus, everything about the product and everything that you do to promote a product,  and everything in the marketplace that affects the sales of that product will be reflected in the “Popularity” of your product...and that is the essence of “The Barrows Popularity Factor.” It measures the “popularity of your product and its promotion,”  and it lets you quantify the relationship between your advertising and sales” says Barrows.

In short, the easy-to-use math  in “The Barrows Popularity Factor” will allow you to test and compare your advertising copy and media, better, faster and less expensively. Plus, it will give you more of the information you need to make key marketing decisions with far less risk, says Barrows.

The math in “The Barrows Popularity Factor” can help you fine-tune your entire marketing program to help produce much higher sales and profit.

“So, before you try to decide the best way to allocate your advertising budget, and before you spend another dime of your advertising budget, take about an hour to read a booklet called ‘The Barrows Popularity Factor,’” says Barrows.

“The math in ‘The Barrows Popularity Factor’ is universal and effective...

and it’s not just marketing man’s mumbo-jumbo, it’s cold hard math that can help your company make a lot more money, starting right now” says Barrows.

“The Barrows Popularity Factor math is essential business information for every business in every industry, and anyone who spends any money on any advertising anywhere, should read this booklet immediately.”

The booklet will explain why it works, how it works and how to use the math to help your company make a lot more money.

You can read more about “The Barrows Popularity Factor” and you can download “The Barrows Popularity Factor” booklet for $4.95 at

In addition to doing advertising and public relations, Barrows is also a sculptor, songwriter, author and inventor. You can see some of his sculpture at

       The invention is a video tombstone called the Video Enhanced Gravemarker (U.S. Patent #7,089,495). You can see more about the Video Enhanced Gravemarker at He has also written a novel based on stories told through video tombstones. The book is called “Cemetery of Lies,”

He is also the author or a poem called “It used to be made in America.”  

“It used to be made in America” is about the loss of jobs and the consequences of the outsourcing of jobs to other countries.You can see the poem online at and also at

The songs he co-wrote are songs about money and politics. The songs are “Big Bucks” and “Run For Office.” You can hear free clips of the songs at and there are links on that page where you can download the songs for 99 cents each on iTunes.

   For additional information about measuring the effectiveness of advertising with “The Barrows Popularity Factor,” and for additional information on the Video Enhanced Gravemarker, the sculpture, “Big Bucks,” “Run For Office,” “Cemetery of Lies” and “It used to be made in America,” contact Robert Barrows at R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising and Public Relations in San Mateo, California at 650-344-4405,
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