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With technology advancing every year upgrades and "better" products keep coming out encouraging consumers to continuously invest their money into the new product. But, there are lots of people in this generation fed up with Cell Phones too!
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Oct. 22, 2012 - PRLog -- With technology advancing every year upgrades and "better" products keep coming out encouraging consumers to continuously invest their money into the new product. Some do it because they believe they're getting a better product, some do it because they need something better than what they have but some just do it because they don't want to be the only with last years best product, they want this years greatest thing.

This past month Apple released their new iPhone 5. It is a different design, the screen is larger, the phone is lighter, slimmer, and instead of a glass back this time, they used aluminum. The display is supposed to be much better, battery life longer, and speed is faster. They promise what every new and uprising piece of technology offers, "nicer, faster, better". After reviewing the phone myself I was able to see that last years iPhone 4S is a lot like the iPhone 5. If an upgrade from last years model to this years model is in your consideration, I'd suggest not wasting your money. The system that Apple says in on the iPhone 5 is also on the iPhone 4S. If you go for the upgrade the only thing you're really going to be paying for is the camera and the battery.

After further review I was able to see a video online asking individuals what they think of the iPhone 5. Each person made comments like "oh wow, it's much nicer" or "I can definitely feel how much lighter it is than my 4S" while holding their phone in the other hand and "yes, I can see how much clearer the display is, very nice" and in the end it turned out that the phone that they were making such comments on was actually the model from last year. It was very funny.

Samsung now, has released their new phone that everyone is saying is better than the iPhone, the Galaxy III. After reading the blogs, details and opinions of the new Samsung phone, I felt like I was reading the same details as the iPhone 5. The phone offers longer battery life, a better display, a more in depth camera, and a better system update. Nicer, faster, better. I was unable to compare the phone to its previous model because although they claim that their newer model is better liked than the iPhone five, I have yet to come in contact with someone that actually has the Galaxy III. Its look and functions are a lot like the iPhone. If theres anything that would draw a difference between the two I would say its that the Samsung phones are better protected when it comes to replacement pieces, and repair costs. Apple is very strict on their warranty and don't offer insurance on their phones. Having a high tech phones comes with high prices as well. So wheres the need for upgrade? Theres really no need. Phones today are becoming so high tech, so overpriced, so hard to use, and so confusing that people seeking simplicity have to learn how to find something as basic as a call button on a cell phone now amongst all of the applications, extras and features that appear on the main screen right when powering up. Even the simpler phones like the blackberry are not suitable for a child or an elderly loved one that needs something basic for emergencies.

Cell phone manufacturers claim that their phones make doing a lot of things easier but they've failed to add making calls to their list. In the movie Sex In The City, character Carrie Bradshaw is handed an iPhone to make an emergency phone call and as soon as she looked at the main screen said "I don't know how to work this, wheres my phone?" and thats the exact same thing I felt the first time I used an iPhone to make a call. So if you're looking for something that can be basic, easy to use, reliable and smart, look into easy to use cell phones like the Just5. has spent years creating an easy to use, simple features cell phone to cater to the needs of everyone. Their easy to use cell phone offers basic features of calling, sending and receiving text messages, listening to the radio, a built in flashlight, a long battery life, and an SOS feature in case of an emergency. The simple features make this phone the perfect gift for a growing child, an elderly loved one or anyone seeking something with basic features, minimal extras and nothing thats going to send their cell phone bill skyrocketing. Just5 also offers prepaid calling plans that come out to as little as around $8 a month for prepaid minutes but also offer an unlimited plan for $39.99 a month. In comparison to Sprints unlimited plan, you're saving $600 minimum a year.

So before you go and waste your money on high end, high priced, high tech phones consider something that can not only save you around $400 initially, but can even save you around $1000 a year! Something simple, affordable, reliable and focused on basic, necessary functions, the Simple Features cell phone.
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