Jason Jowett publishes independently, the third book of the Alchemy Series, Tetranomicon, Ebook.

The third book in the Alchemy Series contains the inner secrets of Jason Jowett´s Doctrine. After lengthy deliberations on the infamous story of Lucifer and the Fall, Jason decidedly changed direction on the Series as strategically planned..
Oct. 21, 2012 - PRLog -- The Alchemy Books Series is produced in collaboration between Raider Publishing International and the Independant world traveller, Jason Jowett. The book series, published by the subsidary publisher, so far, has two titles in print. The books Versistasis and Simbiotica, produced by Jason during the first decade of the new Century, articulate the growing and ever-revitalizing post-modern scene. Raider Publishing worked diligently to produce the second novel, and despite gaining criticisms by the world community. On the contrary, Jason Jowett´s methodologies and that of the ancient world, uncovered at recourse through the series, have so far brought no acclaim, but a wealth still untold.
The newer developments for the following two novels were condensed after a long course of self-assesment by Jason Jowett and reset as the third full-length novel. It was in founding the movement for Emancipation by Christ Nature, that the catharsis was reinvigorating enough for Jason to progress professionally too the founding of the corporation Horiscorpio. The company currently sourcing equity, has joined in partnership with various online companies, such as Treveri, Anglelist and Gust.
Tetranomicon the new release by Jason Jowett, is on sale through Smashwords, the leading online Ebook distributor.
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