Marshall Barnes Tightens Grip On First Place In Time Machine Race With Historic Demo At School

Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng is arranging a first ever, hands-on demonstration with his Verdrehung Fan(TM) as part of a lecture on the real physics of time travel at Grandview Heights High School, November 2nd, beating Ronald Mallett to that achievement.
Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng  Copyright  2012 All Rights Reserved
Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved
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Oct. 18, 2012 - PRLog -- In the race to create the first time machine, Marshall Barnes has held the first place position since challenging Ronald Mallett of the University of Connecticut in August of this year. Mallett, who is world famous for his story of how he wanted to build a time machine since he was a boy - so he could go back in time and save his father's life, has appeared on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, Fox News, CNN, Science Channel, NPR, Epiphany, and the list goes on; as well as having a major book deal - but after all of this, he still has not produced anything more than an oversized model of what his time machine would look like and has nothing to prove his theories which have met with skepticism from some quarters of the physics community. Such has not been the case for Marshall Barnes.

Marshall's invention, the Verdrehung Fan(TM) works because of the STDTS technology that he created that produces a specially synthsized electromagnetic field that contracts space as it moves through space. This concept has its foundation in Albert Einstein's unfinished Unified Field Theory, which has been thought of as still engineerable by a number of researchers. Applied to rotating fan blades, that field then warps space in that immediate area, setting the stage for closed time-like curves to appear once the sufficient power output is applied. Currently, Marshall is starting to see effects that suggest he is close to hitting the first stage of a time machine condition and has filmed experiments which he has shown a number of times.

While seemingly in jest, the Institute Library, which hosted Ronald Mallett last night during its monthly Amateur Hour lecture series, had promoted the event by saying in part "Ronald Mallett spends his spare time tinkering with his time machine - a real one" (  ) there has been no indication that Mallett has actually created anything more than a model and needs over $250,000 to begin to create his design on a real scale. Conversely, on November 2nd, during two separate physics classes, Marshall will not only lecture about his ideas and research, but will oversee the hands on experimental testing of the Verdrehung Fan(TM) by the students themselves. The primary focus will be on the testing of the velocity increase of the fan when the STDTS field is activated. None of the experimental equipment is connected to the motor, so the only reason that the blades will speed up will be that they are contracting space as they move through space, which by definition, is the warping of space. That warping of space is a requirement to produce closed time-like curves for time travel, something that is also included in Mallett's design. However, a number of physicists have objected to Mallett's claim for a variety of reasons ( ) whereas Marshall's STDTS technology has already been proved, in a variety of tests, that it has the capability of warping space to cause acceleration of something that is already moving at a minimal velocity.

Marshall plans to expriment with more power soon, doubling the output from the current 50 watts to 100 watts and has the means at least to get his hands on the amplification to increase the current output level by nearly 300 times, which could easily result in what has been referred to as "science fiction conditions".

A web site to track the race has been created for further details - . Visitors can vote on who they think will ultimately win the race on the last page of the site.
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