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Christmas Tea Towels Now Available To Purchase From Irish Tea Towels.
Oct. 16, 2012 - PRLog -- See the list below of the Irish Tea Towels Christmas Collection :

The Christmas Garden Cotton Tea Towel.
The Christmas Garden PVC Medium Gusset Bag .
Christmas Garden Cotton Apron With Pocket.
A winter garden scene, snow, the holly and the ...
Robin, bluetit, frozen water tap, a beautiful Christmas scene.

Penguins Cotton Tea Towel.
The Penguins Cotton Apron with Pocket.
The Penguins Cotton Double Oven Glove .
The Penguins Cotton Tea Pot Cosy .
A beautiful range of Penguin Textiles which will enhance any kitchen at Christmas.

The Aga Christmas Pudding Linen Tea Towel
Cooking the Christmas pudding on the Aga Stove.
This matching tea towel will blend in very well with the Aga Hob Covers.

Christmas Tottering Champagne Linen Tea Towel
" Now, that's what I call style ... Tottering's champagne instead of a glass of Sherry ".

The Spice Cotton Apron and Matching Tea Towel .
A Christmas picture with holly and berries.
This set will make a great gift for Christmas.
Part of the Julie Dodsworth range.

All of the Christmas Collection can be viewed at

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