Conscious Music Message To Music Industry To Restore The Innocence In Humanities Youth

Music that is graphic, violent, and sexual in nature has no place in Entertainment. One Music Industry professional has had enough and has taken the matter into her own hands. Professional songwriter Milliea McKinney say; 'Enough is Enough' !
Conscious Entertainment Sends Message To Go Conscious America
Conscious Entertainment Sends Message To Go Conscious America
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Oct. 16, 2012 - PRLog -- Milliea McKinney, has been noted in the music industry for her many roles she has played and for her contributions in the building of MuzArt World Foundation.{ A 501 (C) 3 public charity out to restore music and art programs in those schools whose budget has cut these programs.} Milliea, award winning songwriter, says;  she understands the dynamics of music and the lyrics that are placed in the foundation of a song. "Words Have Power", says; McKinney.
That is why we need to be very careful as artist as to what we write, sing, or put out to those music supporters and audiences that are listening.
Lyrics paint the pictures in our minds that eventually connect to our emotions to cause us to interact and embrace what the words are telling us says; McKinney.
McKinney, also said,' that is why I felt the need to try and do something to let people know as well as artist that they hold a huge responsibility in filtering music and lyrics to our young society influencing them because of their artistry popularity and even fame.
Lets face it everyone has an ego and we all strive to be the best we can be. Society paints the glamour through music and entertainment making celebrities more than they need to be. Bottom line music, acting, or any other forms of talent is achieved by hard work no different than the factory worker or car salesman. The difference being humanity makes the celebrity by buying into their artistry making the celebrity famous. For just a brief moment what if we as a society did the same for our very own child and we invested in them with guidance, love, direction, support,  and mentoring. Imagine what our children would become and how productive and positive they would be generating the same behavior for future generations.That is why it is so important that artist and those in the music industry embrace their responsibility and redesign the future through our children. Music is and will always be but the lyrics that go into the music is up to us says, McKinney."
McKinney, owns two companies thus far. Conscious Entertainment Radio, a live chat show hosted by herself and co-host musical vocal coach Gloria Brown, of New Jersey. The show "GO CONSCIOUS AMERICA," airs on sunday evenings at 7PM Eastern Standard Time. The format has guest from many walks of life that elaborate on music and the power behind the words spoken and lyrics that are written.
The other company which is the headquarters is known as a talent/artist development agency and mentors the proper way artist should be taught to expose their talent with the knowledge and responsibility of the artistry behavior and lyrics that are filtered to their audiences. McKinney, believes those that wish to do other material also, have an even bigger responsibility to label to ensure their product is only being bought by those old enough to purchase and view that material.  McKinney, goes on to say she still believes in the freedom of speech but there are certain responsibilities that go along with it that gives us the right to say what we want keeping in mind others that have to hear it.
When that right was given it did not include profanity and disrespect to women, children, and families continues McKinney. In fact each state holds laws that protect women and children from profanity in entertainment and it is up to those law officials to act upon those laws to ensure our society is productive and is clean and safe for families that are raising children. Its up to each individual head of household and community to be sure they are doing their jobs.
GO CONSCIOUS AMERICA, was a title given by a Platinum artist that supports the cause says Milliea, and the names of the company were also a seed planted by yet another Grammy artist.
In her most recent attempts to bring the idea, and awareness to the frontline of Entertainment her newly released PSA says it all, .

When we asked Milliea, were there any final thoughts she said; if anyone is interested in learning more they can visit and also visit and see how you can get involved because the children you raise will be the future we see tomorrow. We always reap what we sew. Also please feel free to repost the PSA where ever music is heard and also visit us at facebook and LIKE US knowing you now have a conscience for being conscious about Entertainment and lyrics target at your child and humanities children. Please take on your responsibility and do the right thing...
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