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Amy Coello uses biblical principles to interpret your dreams. Your dreams are guiding you into destiny, success, greater potential. God is Speaking! Are you listening? Come and Experience the Divine.
Oct. 11, 2012 - PRLog -- Dallas, Texas - Have you ever wondered if your dreams are trying to teach you something? Amy Coello, a popular radio dream coach and author, announces the release of her new book titled, “Dreams: A Window Into Your Destiny.” The book features more than a decade of her experiences interpreting dreams for people all over the world and offers the foundation of dream interpretations that reveal how the God and the dreamer are interacting.

"Dreams are dark speech, riddles, veiled communication, just like the parables in the New Testament,” said Amy Coello, dream coach and author. “Dreams are the parabolic language of Heaven and I’m also excited to launch my new website:”

The website, offers a dream dictionary and dream symbol, along with a dream book, live webinar training, and forum that will soon be released - ongoing podcasts about dream interpretation. Plus, Amy will launch her show; In Your Dreams starting October 2012 "As a popular expert on several local and national radio show, I decided to launch my own show called ‘In Your Dreams,’” added Amy. The radio show will discuss in detail specific Dream Symbols including, houses, transportation, colors, numbers and actions.  Listeners will be able to download these podcasts on her website

Her new Facebook forum ( also allows users to post their dreams for interpretation. In addition to free downloadable podcasts, the site will offer free journal pages for download that will teach users how to begin working with their dreams for personal guidance. Her books include Dreams: A Window Into Your Destiny, Dream Symbols, and coming soon “Journey Into The Night Season,” which is a journey through scripture and Bible Study.

"One of the most fascinating aspects of dream interpretation is how nightmares prove to be a positive symbol that something powerful has begun to stir in the dreamer's life, that God can use nightmares to bind dreams firmly to the dreamer," Amy continued. “As dream interpretation is often difficult for the average person because dreams are mirrored and reflect a different perspective that most people are unwilling to look at. All symbols, elements and lighting and even other characters are relecting some aspect of our soul. Once we begin to use this 'all reflects me' mirrored perspective, our dreams begin to make more sense.”

"What I like most about this new website is that it allows me to interact more with the public. Currently people email dreams or work with me through an online coaching process, although this new website allows the user to post dreams for interpretation and in this way, they can learn from each other. "


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