Halloween Can Be A Nightmare If You Have Nickel Allergy

Finding nickel free Halloween costumes and props can be downright scary for anyone with nickel allergy. NoNickel.com offers information and simple suggestions to help avoid frightful nickel allergy rashes!
Testing for Nickel in costume jewelry with Nickel Alert
Testing for Nickel in costume jewelry with Nickel Alert
Oct. 23, 2012 - PRLog -- Concocting the perfect Halloween costume for your kids? Fashioning  your own bewitching disguise?   Make sure tricky nickel allergies don’t ruin your Halloween treats.  The Nickel Allergy Experts at NoNickel are also Halloween fun experts!  Your nickel allergy rashes won’t stand a ghost of a chance if you follow these simple suggestions!

Lea Dow, one of the owners of NoNickel.com, has this to say,  “Finding nickel free Halloween accessories can be scary.  The inexpensive costume props are generally laden with nickel because it’s durable and cheap.”   When asked how to shop wisely, Ms. Dow responded that while paper and plastic materials should not create a problem, anyone with nickel allergy should either avoid metals or test those metal costume items with  Nickel Alert™ before buying or wearing them.

If the costume prop is too perfect to leave behind, use the protective coating that Nickel Guard™ can provide.  Nickel Guard is a specially formulated coating that will assure the skin will be  protected from nickel in the metal.  Some costume items that may contain nickel include:  belts, buckles, pitchforks, eyeglass frames, hair pins/clips, jewelry, metal buttons and snaps, tiaras, swords and sabers, and angel/fairy wings.  Viewing NoNickel’s Testing for Nickel Videos will allow you to see firsthand the simplicity of the nickel detection and protection process.

Nickel may haunt  the evening in other ways, too.  Those who are severely allergic may have a reaction to the nickel found in chocolate – a Halloween staple.  The Agency of Toxic Substances reports that dark chocolate and cocoa powder have a high nickel content due to the refining process that allows lengthy contact with machinery; milk chocolate has a medium nickel content.  It has been suggested that severely allergic individuals may experience systemic contact dermatitis symptoms particularly on their hands and feet after ingesting high nickel foods.  Before giving up the chocolate bars, NoNickel owners advise anyone with these symptoms to contact a dermatologist or allergist to determine if a low nickel diet would be beneficial. However, if a trick-or-treater must limit chocolate, finding a yummy substitute should not be a problem on Halloween or any other day of the year.  More information can be found on the NoNickel website under the Information tab, including the helpful Nickel Allergy Diet list of foods high in nickel.

If you’re still looking for the finishing touch to your Halloween attire, NoNickel offers nickel free Halloween and autumn inspired earrings - handmade in the USA!  A cute pair of pumpkin earrings will add a fun touch to any fall festivity.  Here’s another scary thought – some very organized people are already beginning their holiday shopping.  Keep your nickel allergic friends and family in mind as you peruse the monstrous selection of nickel free products, including Certified Nickel Free belts, at NoNickel.com.


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