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No matter how big you are, finding a rodent in your home is sure to make even the toughest NFL football player shriek and run away. Learn more about rodents and how to get or keep them out of your home from a St. Louis rodent control expert.
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Oct. 4, 2012 - PRLog -- No matter how big you are, finding a rodent in your home is sure to make even the toughest NFL football player exhibit at least one of several reactions: 1)Shrieking; 2) Running; or 3) Jumping up on furniture to get away. Why do we have such a universally strong reaction?

Let’s take the standard mouse, or even one step farther on the EEW-Meter, the rat. First, they’re destructive. To keep their teeth worn down, they chew constantly on anything they can find, including the wiring, wood, or insulation in your home. They’re dirty, urinating and defecating almost everywhere they go to mark their path and compensate for poor eyesight. Their most disturbing attribute is their penchant for carrying diseases including salmonella, hantavirus, and tularemia, all of which could land you in the hospital or even threaten your life.

Squirrels and raccoons may be slightly more cute and fun to watch frolic in the trees, but you sure don’t want them in your home. They’re still rodents, and they still do all the same destructive and dirty things smaller rodents do, but in an even bigger and more damaging way. Squirrels and raccoons can do major damage to your home very quickly, especially in your attic, and can even cause electrical fires with their penchant for chewing through wiring.

Finally, there’s the much-maligned mole. They won’t invade your home, but they’ll tear through your lawn faster than hungry kids through a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Moles are prolific diggers, able to dig surface tunnels at the rate of approximately 18 feet an hour. Unleash one or two of them under your lawn, and all that work you put into landscaping can be quickly demolished by one ugly little rodent.

Despite all the traps, poisons, and even “organic” rodent control solutions on the market, by far the safest and most effective way to get rid of rodents is to call a professional, especially if mice and/or rats are in your home. Due to the health risks of dealing with rodents, look for rodent control specialists experienced in clearing them from your home. Trapping is the best method for getting rid of moles, so search for specialists who have a proven record of success in trapping the elusive creatures.

If you want to trap and release squirrels and raccoons, rather than have them exterminated, look for a professional like St. Louis rodent control specialists Richardson Pest Control, who have a no-kill, trap and release policy with squirrels and raccoons. The Richardson Pest Control team will humanely capture squirrels and raccoons, then release them in more rodent-friendly areas of the St. Louis region. The rodents will be much happier in their new home, and you’ll be much happier with them out of your home. For more information, contact the rodent control specialists at
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