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At Pet Stop Vet Clinic, we provide for your pet a full range of dental, medical and surgical services including orthopedic, ophthalmological, dermatological, reproductive, nutritional and behavioral consultations.
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Oct. 4, 2012 - PRLog -- Salt Lake City, UT – Pet Stop Veterinarian Clinic offers a variety of pet plans. Their are two primary focuses of each pet plan: emergency pet care treatments and preventive pet health care. Preventive pet medicine allows your veterinarian to catch potential health problems your pet may have before they grow into serious issues. This not only saves you money and time, it can extend the life of your pet.

Regular Veterinarian Visits

Taking your pet into your veterinarian's office for annual check-ups is essential to your pet's health. These check-ups involve more than just annual vaccinations. The veterinarian will conduct thorough exams, which include:

   Checking their temperature
   Listening to their lungs and hearts
   Evaluating their ears and eyes conditions
   Checking for abnormal bumps or lumps
   Thoroughly checking their internal organs
   Conducting blood tests
   Doing fecal exams

Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinating your pet, one of the most common preventive pet health care methods, is essential to protecting him or her against diseases. When they're first born, they are automatically protected against most diseases because of the unique antibodies that's produced in the milk of their mothers. But, as they begin to grow, and are weened from the mother's breast milk, this protection is lost. Pet vaccinations take up where the breast milk leaves off. Starting at about six weeks old, they require repeated vaccinations every few weeks. At a certain point, only annual vaccinations are needed to provide them with continuous protection for a higher quality of life. They help to stimulate your pet's immune system so they can fight off diseases naturally. These are some of the diseases they protect your pet from:

   Kennel cough
   Viral hepatitis
   Lyme disease

Spaying and Neutering

Many pet owners are unaware of the health benefits of spaying and neutering. Spaying your female pets before she goes through her first heat and neutering your male pet before he makes it to sexual maturity is essential to preventing various behavior and health issues. The surgical procedures are much easier to perform on younger pets, take less time to perform and require smaller amounts of anesthesia. They also recover much faster when they're young than when they're older. These are just some of the health benefits of spaying and neutering as a preventive pet health care procedure:

   When neutered or spayed before hitting puberty, they have a good chance of living a full, longer life.
   The risks of your male pet contracting testicular cancer or your female pet contracting uterine infections is eliminated.
   The risk of your pet developing dangerous and possibly fatal mammary tumors is reduced.

Pet Pain Management

Preventive pet health care can help your veterinarian detect problems that may be causing your pet pain. Pet pain management helps your pet live a better quality of life. Just like humans, pet's aren't able to live happy lives when they're in pain.

Your pet can suffer from a acute pain as a result of an infection, inflammation, surgery or injury. Acute pain can cause your pet a great deal of discomfort, limiting his or her mobility. Although acute pain is usually temporary, it will go away much faster if the cause of the pain is treated properly. Your veterinarian is an expert at determining the causes of acute pain.

Your pet can also suffer from chronic pain, which develops slowly and last longer. Some of the common causes of chronic pain in pets are illnesses, such as bone diseases or cancer, or age-related issues like arthritis. These types of pains can last for years, and if left untreated, they may even last throughout your pet's lifetime. And, because they develop so slowly, your pet learns to deal with them over time, making it hard for you to detect. Veterinarians are professionals in the field of chronic pain in pets, and know how to detect it and treat it.

Pet Stop Pet Plans

The Pet Stop Pet Plans offer you an affordable way to provide preventive health care for your pet. Instead of waiting until there's a major health concern, Pet Stop Vet clinic can diagnose potential problems before they become chronic issues. Make your pet's health care more affordable with Pet Stop Pet Plans.

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