Historical 60s Soul R&b Blues Singer Moody Scott Endorses President Obama Re-election

simi reculsive and considered as one of a few true remaining recording artist from the historical early 60s R&b vintage & classic soul musical era moody scott who makes his home in las vegas nevada announced the re-election of president obama
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Oct. 21, 2012 - PRLog -- Louisiana legendary moody scott announced today from his las vegas residence his support for the re- election of president obama to a second term in what he describes as a  decent caring man that have displayed strong moral character and leadership and shows concern for all americans not 47% but 100% of our country men and throughout this election cycle he has stood firm in his beliefs and vision for moving this country forward into the 21st century  his message has been postive and  uplifiting to the american people to move forward.i must confess that durning my lifetime i never thought that i would witness the total disrespect of any american president in recent memory done to president obama. When we look at  where  this president started and without his decisive  actions all of us would have experience, another great depression, most sane free thinking fair minded americans thats not filled, with so much hate, will give the president credit where credit is due. lets step back and remember that well established gop republican senator stated that his most concern was to make sure that obama became a one term president and i also might add one well known right wing broadcaster stated that he hope that the president fails how true  american was this statement. Ask yourselves is this the type of leadership the american people expected, from these elected representives also keep in mind the gop and the tea party have voted down anyand all jobs  related bills to help the struggling economy .instead they stood on the sidelines while  the american people continues to suffer mitt romney says that he can get us back on track the problem is how will he do it? he want say how just trust me and i will let you know once i get into office. ask yourselves are we the american people that stupid to elect someone our leader and he keeps flip flopping across the political lanscape and keeps avoiding the questions obama has told the american people where he stands they keep saying that he want give us a plan thats a lie the facts are there for all to see this president has been up front throughout this election cycle. but has the gop been up front i think not my friends  at this point at least we are headed in a better direction than we were when the president was frist elected. its a great accomplishment compared from where we were at his election  .and on the other hand mitt romney and the tea party and the filty rich fat cats backers who is using there money and power in an attempt to buy this election  with tons of cash .with this being said the middle class, poor ,seniors teachers ,union members minority voters ,women, and those of us on main street and in between will the american people be brainwashed with the gop attack buy ads  in an attempt  to elect mitt romney who doesnt have a single clue about the suffering of those of us thats suffering from the previous policies of the republicans throughout the years .and expect obama to clean up there mess in four years i think not my friends lets get real.  where was the so called  conservaties when the previous adminstration was running up the deficit now all of a sudden they talk about the wefare of the childern of the next generation when they pumped billions of dollars in a war that we wasnt suppose to be fighting in the frist place and started with out right lies to the american people they even told us that they would help pay for us defending them look at our country we are building up these countries while our streets, bridges and schools are falling apart  the president wants to take these funds that we are wasting over seas and do some home rebuilding here at home which is badly needed   the question one must ask how can you trust and elect mitt romney president of the united states when when he refuses to release his tax records,when he says he is pro choice and the next minute he changes his position, when he wants to do away with plan parenthood , women right to choose, dismantle the board of education, cuts to social programs to the very  poor  cuts to student loans re- inact deregulations policies to big oil, banks, and corporate wall street give huge tax breaks to the very powerful rich, which will add more to the alarming deficit when most economist agrees that the numbers really just dont add up. You cant cut spending reduce the defict and create jobs at the same time the extended tax cuts to the rich want trickle down to mainstreet its been tried before and we are still looking up to the sky while the money is in the pockets of the haves we have a clear choice in this election to we return to the policies that got us in this mess are do we move on thats the choice and its so clear provided its not blocked by negative hate and evil thinking .this election must not be  about greed, evil, and  hate its about whats right for the american people and our great country.  when mitt insults our close friends in britian, when he makes statements that if elected will create a trade war with china how can a trade war with china help our economy when he makes statement about the palestinians  dont want peace with israel americans dont need a knee jerk approach that will  escalate yet another war especially in the middle east sending ourbrave  young men and women off to another war isnt what the american people need the only time that we should go to war is really when our national interest is in harms way period and that the congress should from here on out sanctions the military action for this country in the future which is the way it should be done in the frist place could you feel safe with mitt romney making a decision one minute and changes the next minute this is  a serious position for a commander in chief of the greatest nation on this planet when he makes wild west cowboy statements about iran and our friends israel no person with leadership abilities  on a world stage would tip his hand to his adversaries in advance i think not. When he makes a poor judgements and off the cuff statements  its  not becoming a leader of this great nation especially  after the tragic lost of our dilplomat  and other embassy staff he had no real facts just jumped the gun put his foot in his mouth without the correct facts is this what a president does i think not  he tells us that he is a severely conserative person .when he knows full well he says that he can create a lot of high paying jobs from his experience at bain capitol his position was to make money soley for investors and there profits period  its documented what he has accomplished when he headed this firm . after mitt won the gop nomination now he wants to flip flop back to the middle  rick santorium stated it plainly after the nomination that mitt romney was the worst republican to run agianst obama because he along with most real aunthenic conseratives knows that mitt romney isnt what he says he is a lot of them just hate this pesident so much they will hold there nose and vote for him anyway. as for the pundants and polls showing romney surging trust me this election is about the grass root ground gains if  the democratic base shows up november 6th  president obama will get the clear choice to finish what was started and put this country back on track however it remains to be seen with the re -election of obama it will also send a strong message that all the money in the world want buy this election and that it will send   out a message to everybody that the fat cats cant use there evil money to buy this election .with this being said i predict that president obama will be re-elected president of the united states there will be some of you that may disagree with my insight of this election and choice however that what makes this the greatest nation on earth and we must be careful when we elect leadership for this nation at this historical time in our american history  evil and hate can only survive when we sit by and do nothing . So vote vote !!!
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