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Real Fat Loss Solution Tips! Tired of all the weight loss scam sites? Making hard to believe, don't you believe it promises hawking product after product all making impossible promises? Would you be interested in real fat loss solution tips?
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Sept. 26, 2012 - PRLog -- The internet is a valuable tool for finding information. Although at times I think it could be compared to the Sunday Newspaper. There is the newspaper itself and then all the ads that come with it. Often, half the newspaper is just ads. Sometimes I feel the same way with the internet. I know there is a lot of good information on it but about half of it is filled with just ads.

 Many people today have lost their way in achieving their goals of a thinner, physically fit self. We are all bombarded with ad after ad about losing weight or the next ''magic machine'' that will make us look like a combination movie star/Olympic athlete.

There is just so much information out there but most of it is just the prelude to buy their product without really giving you any real knowledge. Knowledge that you can put into use immediately to achieve the goals that you desire.

One of the biggest difficulties of achieving real fitness is where to begin.

Let me introduce you to one of America's longtime, physical fitness and weight loss expert. No he did not invent any famous gadgets,pills or potions.

He was a pioneer in the area of exercise and the basics of cardio workouts were introduced to the world by him. He did design workout programs for the US Army ,astronauts at NASA and various police departments to name a few.

The principles he discovered are the basics of our knowledge of workouts and physical fitness today.

It is common knowledge today that to achieve a real cardio workout you must raise your heart rate. This is one of the principles Dr. Morehouse founded.

Not only that, the same goes for your muscle tone. A steady increase must be done always to get any benefit.

Let me give you an example. My mailman, nice guy, older man, walks his entire route. Sure he has a truck to move every couple of blocks and to go back and get mail from but mail is delivered to a box on the house. Which means he also goes up and down a lot of steps. He is fat. Why is this? He walks almost the entire day! This burns loads of calories!

It is because he needs to exceed this, yes he does maintain a basic fitness but for him to improve  his physical condition he  needs to do some other exercise. This is why you see people with jobs that you know are physical but they do not really appear to be in shape.

 Dr. Morehouse has said '' If you run a mile ,five days a week, at the end of a year you will be in worse shape than you were when you started."

This is a difficult concept to grasp. See after the mile run became easy the person  never exercised their heart, not once for the year. If you do not do any cardio for a year do you think you are in shape? You know the answer to that. Of course not.

This is really a great first exercise/fitness principle to know. Basically the human body is either improving or declining. It's what ''use it or lose it'' really means!

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